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Evolution Theory

Your customers' tastes are always changing. Question is, are your marketing efforts doing the same?
January 1, 2003

Was 2002 a year of flat or lackluster sales? If you're predicting more of the same in the coming months, give your company a makeover using evolutionary marketing. It's Darwinism that rewards those who refuse to stagnate or follow the pack, and it comes down to anticipating and responding to changes in your audience, your products and services, the marketplace and the competition.

The first step is to understand your customers' hot buttons by reviewing published articles and research. Look beyond how and what your prospects buy. It's also vital to have input from B2B customers. Visit their job sites to discover the challenges they face and what they hope to gain by working with you.

To make this your breakaway year, use forecasting to stay ahead of consumer and industry trends. By searching Web sites like, you can find forecast reports on trends in everything from fashion and the restaurant industry to commercial construction. Or subscribe to Forecast, a newsletter of demographic trends and business forecasts produced by American Demographics magazine (

Begin the new year by breaking away from the crowd with evolutionary marketing. After all, it's a jungle out there.