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What Do Editors Look For?

It pays to do some research before you send out that press release.
January 20, 2003

Q: What are the preferences of some of the well-known publications as far as submitting PR-related material?

A: I've had the opportunity lately to find out exactly what the editors at four well-known publications look for in what they receive in the way of PR. These editors were more involved in technical articles, but some of the information is general for any type of PR. For purposes of this article, the publications (and the editors I talked to) will go nameless, as the advice given here applies to any situation in which you are submitting PR materials to the press. This is Part I.

What do magazines and newspapers look for in a story pitch?

What is the best way to contact editors?

Where can you go to meet the publication staff?

What about deadlines?

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