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Nail Your Sales Presentation

Turn prospects into eager clients with a clear, well-organized presentation.
February 10, 2003

Q: I am a one-person-show with a great product. I've got a new prospect coming to our office for an early-morning presentation. What's the best way to ensure I make my best first impression and get the sale?

A: The fact that you are the only person involved in your presentation works in your favor. You'll have total control of what gets said and, therefore, the outcome of your presentation. Here's a helpful checklist that I've used time and again to make sure everything happens on schedule:

Room Setup
The look and feel of a room has an extraordinary effect on human behavior and attitudes, and that means it has an extraordinary effect on the way your prospect will perceive your presentation. Before you even begin to think about where to put the table and chairs, you should work your way through the following meeting-prep checklist:

The Presentation
Once you're rolling, bear these important guidelines in mind:



When you're done with your presentation, you have two choices to wrap it up:

I prefer the second approach. It has a better chance of getting a more direct response from your prospect. Lots of luck with your presentation!

Tony Parinello is the author of the bestselling book Selling to VITO, the Very Important Top Officer. For additional information on his speeches and his newest book, Secrets of VITO, call (800) 777-VITO or visit

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