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Step by Step

Having trouble remembering how to make a sale? Let us jog your memory.
March 1, 2003

Recently, somebody asked about my early sales experience. When I was new to sales, one company gave me a card with questions reminding me of what to do before, during and after a sale. Here's a list of questions similar to the ones on that card to take you through the sales cycle:

During the introduction, did you:

When qualifying, did you ask:

And did you also:

When surveying, did you:

When handling objections, did you:

During the presentation or demonstration, did you:

When closing, did you:

For customer maintenance and follow-up, did you:

Of course, don't just ask these questions by rote. It's not a script that could, or should, be followed for every sale, but it gives you a great structure to keep in mind. Refer to it whenever you're puzzled by why you didn't make a sale. Maybe there's something you forgot to do that you should have remembered!