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Eyes Wide Shut?

The inspiration you need could be right under your nose.
July 1, 2003

A big challenge in building a creative company is learning how to bring fresh input into your daily business life. Finding ways to continually broaden your perspective and find inspiration is one of the most basic creative skills.

Seeking new input is too important to leave to chance encounters. To help you step out of status-quo thinking, you must do the following:

1.Commit to the importance of a continual flow of new input.

2.Cultivate a curious mind that continually asks "I wonder what would happen if . . . ?"

3.Find new sources of input.

Once you accomplish the first two, almost any environment or conversation can spark new thoughts. These simple ideas can get you started:

How one store sells sports equipment may give you an idea about how you should sell your bakery goods. Trying the unconventional is a proven way to get your customers' attention.

Juanita Weaver is a creativity coach and consultant. She'd like to hear how your company sparks creativity. Contact her at