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Using the Web to Get Legal Information

5 online resources to help you with some of your common legal needs
July 14, 2003

Q: My partner and I need to develop documents establishing our business, contracts between ourselves, living wills, contract forms, etc. We have financial constraints, so we don't want to hire a lawyer until we've done our own research and developed some interim documents of our own. Do you have any recommendations for models we can peruse?

A: Whether you face the particular legal challenges entering into a partnership presents or you have needs for other legal documents and information, you will discover an amazing amount of legal material on the Web, a significant portion of it for free. Partnerships carry greater risks than other forms of business organization, so your care in establishing a solid legal foundation is wise. These risks include:

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As you can see, your motivation to set up clear contracts right from the start is well-founded. Here are some places to look for everything from basic information to actual legal documents created by the nation's leading law firms:

While these sites are among the most relevant to what you want to do, they're just the beginning of the legal resources available on the Web.

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