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Secrets to Avoiding Employee Hassles in Your Franchise

Want a franchise, but afraid of the pain of dealing with employees? Follow these three tips to minimize employee problems.
August 25, 2003

Q: I want to buy a franchise, but I'm scared of dealing with employee nightmares. Many of the existing franchisees I've talked to tell me finding good employees and keeping them is far and away the hardest thing about being a successful franchisee. What can I do to make sure I don't end up in this same position?

A: This has been a significant topic in franchising for the past 15 years. The simple fact is that you're correct--for many franchises, this is the most difficult, expensive and time-consuming part of the franchisee role.

The only way to guarantee this is not a problem for you is to get into a franchise that does not require any employees. The problem with this solution is that such franchise opportunities are rare and may not represent the kind of business you would be happy and successful in. Most of these types of franchises are either basically sales roles (where you spend all your time selling some service to others) or businesses that require extremely specific skill sets in order to succeed and require extensive training that you can't effectively pass on to other employees in your business.

Let's assume that it's not practical for you to get a franchise without any employees. There are three secrets to minimizing this potential problem and making sure you don't experience the "nightmares" you are concerned about.

Always assume your experience will be average if you become a franchisee in any system. If most of the existing franchisees are having trouble with this issue, you probably will, too. If you hear from most of them that this is not an issue in their business, you may have found a winner in this area.

One good thing to note is that these problems are not nearly as difficult for franchisees as they were a few years ago, when unemployment rate were at historic lows. Give this issue some careful thought and research, and you're more likely to avoid these problems in the franchise business you select.