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Words to the Wise

Has your marketing copy lost its punch? Kick it up a notch with these words that work.
October 1, 2003

Ever wonder why detergent marketers are forever touting their products as "new and improved"? It's because certain words have historically produced higher results and better return on investment for marketing dollars spent. Trouble is, we may have burned out many of these words and phrases through overuse. That's the contention of marketing copy guru Herschell Gordon Lewis, the author of On the Art of Writing Copy (Amacom). That means we have to find more ways to establish rapport with audiences.

Copy That Sells
From print and broadcast ads to direct mail, e-mail and even billboards, it's the language you use that motivates response and produces results. Try these tips for fine-tuning your marketing copy:

In the marketing world, words are the foundation of the craft. And while implementing these tips individually may not make or break your next campaign, taken together they can add up to a higher response rate.