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They Want You

ISPs woo smaller businesses with tailor-made online services.
November 1, 2003

The big online service providers know a good thing when they see it. Announcing his company's first year of profitability this spring, Rodrigo Sales, CEO of Vendio, said, "We are entering a new era in e-commerce- increasingly driven by smaller businesses and merchants."

The small- and midsize-business (SMB) sector has not suffered with the IT slump as much as megacorporations have. The SMB market is also well-positioned to take advantage of services offered online that don't require investing in on-site hardware or software. That's why companies including AOL, Covad, Microsoft, Vendio and Yahoo! are working hard to woo growing businesses with a host of Internet services designed specifically for companies like yours. Here's a closer look:

The substantial list of major players in this area means growing businesses are benefiting from the competition, both in price and in the scope and quality of services. Fortunately for entrepreneurs, this attention and interest from providers shows no sign of waning.