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Marketing Buzz 05/04

New market sectors, renting marketing pros and more
May 1, 2004

Open Season

We've all heard about metrosexuals-fashion-forward guys who get more facials than their female counterparts. Smart marketers should pay attention to other new market sectors as well, says Ann Fishman, president of Generational Targeted Marketing Corp. in New Orleans. Some groups to consider:

Richard Laermer, author of Trendspotting: Think Forward, Get Ahead, and Cash In on the Future (Perigree) and president of RLM Public Relations Inc. in Los Angeles, points out other categories:

Are you in need of some temporary marketing muscle? MarketFitz Inc., a Seattle-based company that provides outsourced marketing and consulting, lets you rent a professional. For about $40 to $120 per hour--MarketFitz pays payroll taxes and benefits--this high-end temp agency will set you up with an experienced marketer, either on-site or off. This "try before you buy" solution lets you work with candidates before bringing them on permanently or lets you fill in short-term gaps in your staffing, such as a staffer's leave. For the price of a marketing director's salary, the company outfitted one regional law firm with a part-time team that included a marketing director, a marketing coordinator, a PR manager, a creative director and a graphic designer. Try finding that in a one-person package.

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SOURCE: The Kelsey Group/

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SOURCE: Quris Inc.

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