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Keep 'Em Coming

A deal that goes smoothly just might lead to future opportunities. Here's how to pave the way.
May 1, 2004

Notwithstanding all the horror stories we lawyers hear about deals gone south, many deals are just fine and often lead to more. Astute negotiators are always looking to the next deal, and they'll try hard to lock in future opportunities and extend promising relationships. Here are some common techniques they use:

However, the other side can more easily (for better or worse) discover the true market value of what is being sold. A right of first negotiation and/or first refusal can be combined with a matching right. By the way, if you pass on a first or last refusal, don't get snookered: Insist on seeing the deal that was actually signed to make sure it wasn't better than the one you were offered.

A speaker and attorney in Los Angeles, Marc Diener is author of Deal Power.