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Green With Envy?

Don't let the green-eyed monster capsize your team. Use these techniques to bring a sales superstar onboard without rocking the boat.
September 1, 2004

If your sales are greatly in need of an elixir, some sort of pick-me-up to boost production, one way to ramp up sales is to hire a rainmaker-a seasoned sales pro who has multiple connections and years of experience in your industry. Scottie Oliver, co-founder of sales consulting firm EA Group in Alpharetta, Georgia, believes that at least 20 percent of a sales manager's time should be dedicated to hiring and integrating sales superstars into an organization.

Bringing in a superstar creates unique management concerns, though, and you'll do well to take a few pointers from the experts:

Oliver warns that "some superstars feel they can make their own rules," and he encourages entrepreneurs to establish expectations for the rep-such as pipeline/forecast reporting and conference call participation-prior to hiring.

Kimberly L. McCall ("Marketing Angel") is president of McCall Media & Marketing Inc. and author of Sell It, Baby! Marketing Angel's 37 Down-to-Earth & Practical How-To's on Marketing, Branding & Sales.