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Moving On

Ex-Apprentices find life after "The Donald" is all business.
October 1, 2004

A new group will be vying for a job in season two of The Apprentice. But last season's contenders aren't settling for unemployment-they're striking out as entepreneurs.

You're Fired!
Get the skinny on what this season's ex-Apprentices are up to now that Donald's given them the ax:

· Week 1's Rob Flannigan
· Week 2's Bradford Cohen
· Week 3's Stacie Jones UpChurch
· Week 4's Jennifer Crisafulli
· Week 5's Pamela Day
· Week 6's John Willenborg

· Week 7's Elizabeth Jarosz

Come back each week as we post more radio interviews from the Entrepreneur Magazine Sales and Marketing show with these Trump-world wannabes.

By the way, if you're wondering, Trump returned the $250,000-filled briefcase to Solovey.