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Listen Up!

If you're not advertising on internet radio, you could be missing out.
November 1, 2004

According to a 2004 study by media research firms Arbitron Inc. and Edison Media Research, internet radio has an estimated weekly audience of nearly 19 million Americans and growing. Not only are people listening in online, they're also buying online.

Monthly internet broadcast (radio and video) users might represent only 26 percent of the online audience, but they accounted for an estimated 42 percent of online spending. Advertisers can reach an audience that's in listening and shopping mode.

Thinking of advertising on internet radio? Here are a few tips based on audience demographics and behaviors:

Wondering where to start with internet radio? According to AccuStream iMedia Research, the top five internet radio sites in May 2004 were: Shoutcast, Net Radio Sales Network, AOL Radio Network, LaunchCast powered by Yahoo! and Chaincast/Stream Audio.

AccuStream iMedia Research, which provides data and analysis on streaming media and on-demand broadcasting, noted that while AOL users already pay a monthly subscription fee and can therefore access the network's radio programs, a majority of internet radio stations are free. This was a major factor in the solid growth of the listening audience across the major players from March to May 2004, and a growing consumer audience is a compelling reason for advertisers to investigate their opportunities.

Before you launch an internet radio ad campaign, however, tune in and experience it. You'll get acquainted with the new broadcast world of your future customers.

Speaker and freelance writer Catherine Seda owns an internet marketing agency and is author of Search Engine Advertising.