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Make a List, Check It Twice

Ever wonder what's on other entrepreneurs' to-do lists?
December 1, 2004

Have you ever complained that 24 hours is just not enough time in a day? If so, stop whining. We sneaked a peek at some successful entrepreneurs' to-do lists and found that life in the fast lane doesn't leave room for procrastination.

Sarah Siegel-Magness, 31, is founder of So Low, a Los Angeles contemporary sportswear maker. Notes stuck to her computer keep her organized. Here's a recent week's sampling:

As founder of Yosha! Enterprises, a Westfield, New Jersey, mint-maker, Anthony Shurman's weekly to-do list leaves no time for this 33-year-old to nibble on sweets . . . well, maybe occasionally.

Michael Koch, 42, founder of Koch Entertainment, an independent music company in Port Washington, New York, was so busy that he shared his daily duties with us only after we added it to his list.