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Remote Control

Allowing sales reps to work off-site definitely has its perks, but before you try it, be sure telecommuting makes sense for your business.
December 1, 2004

If you were to unearth a method to retain premier talent, reduce overhead expenses and punch up sales productivity, you'd likely do somersaults of glee, yes? One way to potentially achieve all three is to allow your sales reps to work from home. Take a look at the following considerations to see if telecommuting reps make sense for your enterprise.



Stein advises his clients to ensure that candidates have successfully worked by themselves. "You can't take someone who has worked 20 years for IBM and expect [that person] to be comfortable or productive working from home," he warns. Stein also explains that reps with a history of in-office work may be able to adapt, but "more likely, they'll be comfortable working in an office with people around and a boss close by."

Kimberly L. McCall ("Marketing Angel") is president of McCall Media & Marketing Inc. and author of Sell It, Baby! Marketing Angel's 37 Down-to-Earth & Practical How-To's on Marketing, Branding & Sales.