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Make a List, Check it Twice

Can you check off all the items on our list? If not, fine-tune your business skills with these insider tips from entrepreneurial guru Guy Kawasaki.
February 1, 2005

Guy Kawasaki is the legendary founder of Garage Technology Ventures, a VC firm in Silicon Valley, and the former chief evangelist of Apple Computer. He has founded two software companies and has helped more than 100 companies raise venture capital.

His current best-selling book, The Art of the Start: The Time-Tested, Battle-Hardened Guide for Anyone Starting Anything , reflects his experience as an evangelist, entrepreneur, investment banker and venture capitalist. Given his expertise, we asked Kawasaki to provide you with the ultimate startup checklist.

This list is for entrepreneurs who want to avoid getting bogged down in theory and unnecessary details. My assumption is that your goal is to change the world--not study it. If your attitude is "Cut the crap and just tell me what I need to do," then this checklist is for you.

The Art of Starting

The Art of Positioning

Pitching, Business Plans, Recruiting & Raising Money

The Art of Pitching

The Art of Writing a Business Plan

The Art of Recruiting

The Art of Raising Capital

Partnering, Branding & Rainmaking

The Art of Partnering

The Art of Branding

The Art of Rainmaking

For even more information about the various "arts" of entrepreneurship, refer to my book The Art of the Start. At the very least, tear out this article, discuss it with your co-founders and determine how you're doing, because doing--not wanting to do, learning to do or planning to do--is the essence of entrepreneurship.