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The Entrepreneurial Edge

Just because you're not an entrepreneur at heart, doesn't mean you can't have a successful business.
July 1, 2005

Q: I'm not an entrepreneur by nature. Will this prevent me from being a successful business owner?

A: Self-employment or independent careers are often lumped into the same category as entrepreneurship. But one thing we've learned from interviewing thousands of people over the years is that many people who are happy and successful in their own businesses do not fit the classic entrepreneurial mold.

We call these many successful individuals "propreneurs." Compared to entrepreneurs, they are less interested in the "business of business" and more interested in finding meaning in their careers and controlling their time, the kind of work they do and the manner in which they do it.

The key to succeeding as a propreneur lies in treating your business in a way that leaves you free to pursue the work you do best. That means you will need to:

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