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Ease Your Listing Work With Software Helpers

Get your business on eBay up to full speed with these software solutions.
August 31, 2005

As eBay has grown, so has the availability of eBay's little helpers: listing software. Listing software, whether it's in the form of programs that you install or applications that run over the web, can save you time, help you build more advanced listings and simplify the whole process. Automation is the key. When you no longer have to manually relist items or send out individual buyer notifications, you have more time to spend on building your business.

Growing businesses should start with eBay's built-in features. Its free, downloadable Turbo Lister lets you list multiple items at once, access HTML templates, reuse listings and create listings with an intuitive design editor. If you're already taking advantage of Turbo Lister, it might be time to move up to the basic version of Selling Manager ($4.99 per month) for tracking your listing activities, printing labels and invoices, and creating custom templates. Some other handy programs you can try include:

With Sales Manager, you also get your choice of ways to pay. Monthly plans start at just $12.95, or you can choose to jump onboard for a yearly subscription at $250. Not ready to commit? You can also choose to pay as you go. Listing fees in addition to the service fees can apply.

Take Your Pick

Andale is one of the biggest movers and shakers in listing software. Services range from eBay pricing research to image storage and e-mail management. Andale works on an a la carte system, so you choose which components you need. For added savings, check into its discounted bundles. The 110 Listings Quick Pack, for example, includes the price-finder service, 10MB of image storage, professional counters and a gallery with 110 ad listings for $34.95 per month. That saves you nearly $10 per month off the individual pricing. The Andale Lister service is another good place to start, and the plans are easy to upgrade as your business grows.