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3 Holiday Marketing Tips

Get your share of holiday sales with this advice for being at the top of your customers' wish lists.
November 7, 2005

One of the biggest psychological barriers to starting and maintaining your own business is money. Even with an initial nest egg, financing a startup over time can be grueling. I speak from personal experience. During my company's startup phase, there were many occasions when I was overdrawn at the bank, behind in vendor payments, and lying awake at night worrying about whether I'd make it through the month. There were even times I had less than a dollar in my bank account! Take solace in knowing that this is often the early experience of many successful businesses.

However, there's hope! By understanding your options and using a little creativity, you can avoid overextending yourself--and tap into additional resources when you need them. The following are some strategies for the burgeoning entrepreneur:

Stretch What You Have
It's a good idea to use what you have before borrowing what you don't. Here are some common-sense--yet often bypassed--strategies to make the most of what you've got:

In addition, be sure to communicate! If you're going to be late with a payment, don't avoid your vendors--let them know upfront. This way you can work on a solution together, such as incremental payments, etc. The quickest way to sour a relationship is to ignore their inquiries.