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Investment Strategies for the New Year

Even if you aren't among those who normally make New Year's resolutions--and keep them--2006 may the year you'll want to start.
February 6, 2006

With the Standard & Poor's 500 Stock Index up 4.89 percent and the Lehman Aggregate Bond Index up 2.41 percent last year, you could be thinking of adjusting your portfolio to improve its performance by taking bigger risks--perhaps more than would be appropriate for you. Given the potential losses inherent in such a plan, the following resolutions may be helpful as you review your investment strategies this year:

Finally, always remember that stocks and bonds--and the funds that own them--are long-term investments, requiring patience and the ability to ride out market cycles.

Debra Neiman, CFP, is and principal of Neiman & Associates Financial Services, a financial planning firm and registered investment advisor in Watertown, Massachusetts. She's also the co-author of the recently released book, Money Without Matrimony: The Unmarried Couple's Guide to Financial Security.