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What Is the Difference Between an LLC and a Partnership?

One of the most significant differences between an LLC and a partnership is the ability to limit your liability. An LLC is its own, independent entity, with an existence that is separate from the... (more)

Where Should I Register My Online Business?

Businesses with multiple locations can become thorny from a legal and tax point of view. While none of the shipping and manufacturing of your products is being done in the United States, you will... (more)

How Do I Choose a Merchant Provider?

There are many options available in the market for choosing a credit card processor. While having choices is helpful for comparison shopping, it also can get quite overwhelming. To select a... (more)

Should I Hire Contract or Full-Time Employees?

As your company is primarily fulfilling contracts, it is possible that your workers could be classified as "contractors."  There are a number of factors in determining whether a... (more)

What Is the Limitation on Refund Claims?

Generally, in the United States, you have six years to bring a breach of contract claim. (Long, I know.) However, that timeframe can be shortened if the buyer’s contract terms with the... (more)

Can I Add Not-for-Profit Outreach to My Existing Business?

More and more, small businesses are looking for ways to enhance their visibility and share their values by taking a "socially conscious" approach and in getting involved in cause... (more)

What Legal Protection Do I Have if I Share My Idea With My Professors?

Generally, you have no protection for sharing ideas. If you’re sitting at a table with your professors bandying concepts about, either of them can take them and use them. But that’s not... (more)

Do I Need an LLC to Start Up a New Online Business?

There is no legal requirement that you form an LLC (or other entity) to start a business. But here’s the $64,000 question: Do you want to have your personal assets stripped from you? Do you... (more)

Can an Employer Dismiss an Employee Who Was Arrested?

Some companies have policies in their manuals covering this kind of situation. Because you asked this question, I am assuming that you do not have such policies in place. I am also assuming that... (more)

What Can I Expense When Running a Business Out of My Home?

You're in good company with running your business from home. Recently a growing number of self-employed individuals manage their business from home for the convenience and fixed-cost savings.... (more)

How Can I Save Time on Social-Media Marketing?

It nearly goes without saying that you're doing this on no budget and on your own. To maximize your time spent on social media, you must first decide what your goals are. Otherwise, you'll... (more)

What Is the Best Way to Create a Successful Social-Media Marketing Campaign?

You'll want to use social media strategically to meet a specific business goal. Do you want to create greater brand awareness or drive sales leads? Enhance your public awareness or create a... (more)

How Can My Company Get the Exposure It Deserves?

Getting the press and attention your company deserves comes down to building relationships with writers and presenting your product or service in a way that serves a purpose other than se (more)
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