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As an investor, what kind of return should I anticipate?

Being fair to everyone involved starts by being fair to yourself. You can buy a lot of things for $40,000. Before you worry about what's a fair return, ask whether there will be any return at all.... (more)

Is there a way to write off operating expenses for investment property?

If they haven’t already, your relatives should speak to an accountant who is familiar with accounting procedures for investment properties. Not all accountants are comfortable with this area.... (more)

I want to ask my friends and family to help me financially with my travel business for six months. How do I prepare a formal request?

Any time someone agrees to provide you with a loan, it should be documented in writing. This is especially so when it comes to family and friends. Otherwise, without something in writing, the loan... (more)

How do we attract investors for a planned organic spa in a tourist area in Argentina?

Start asking everybody you can think of whom whom he or she knows who might be interested. If they can't think of anybody, ask them whether they can think of someone else who might know. You... (more)

How do you start debt consolidation? Whom do you go to?

If you are referring to credit card debt, I would research debt counselors in your local area. They should be able to provide assistance. (more)

We rent and sell bridal gowns. We need business software that can keep track of rentals as well as the books.

Congratulations on realizing that the same system you use to manage inventory should be tied to your bookeeping; the two go hand-in-hand. You might want to look into Quickbooks (more)

Can I avoid tax consequences by using IRA money to invest in a startup business?

I would visit with your personal financial advisor for options that are specific to your financial situation. (more)

Can you write your own loan agreement for a personal loan to your company?

As a business owner, you certainly can (and should) have a written loan agreement--whether the loan comes from you, personally, or anyone else. The best place to get an agreement is from an... (more)

What stockholder rights should a minority shareholder have in a startup?

In general, you want to get as much out of the deal as you possibly can. Although your "third-party" is providing what seems to be a sizable amount of cash, is that really worth 70... (more)

Is there a standard method of estimating bad debt rates?

This is a good question, one of the most important things to be asking, but unfortunately there isn't some standard amount that I'm aware of. Most business plans ignore bad debt altogether. I... (more)

What is an acceptable investor return when the start-up company is service-oriented?

First, let me say that changing terms in the way that you describe is unusual and, I would think, unacceptable. These things should be put in writing, reviewed by attorneys and made to last.... (more)

Can I fund a new business by rolling over money from an existing IRA to my new corporation's 401(k)?

Any time you take money out of a retirement account (for whatever purpose), you need to be sure that you won’t get hit with penalties for early withdrawal. In addition, your plan to have the 401(k)... (more)

Should I care about how my soon-to-be business partner comes up with the money to invest?

You should be concerned with how your soon-to-be business partner comes up with the money to invest in your business. In particular because you used the words "to fund OUR startup"... (more)

I'm purchasing an existing convenience store. How do I finance this purchase? I need about $50,000.

If the business you're buying is making money, you may be able to obtain a bank loan to finance the deal. However, if the seller is willing to provide financing, this may be an even better option.... (more)

Is it taxable income if a company reimburses an employee for health insurance premiums?

Yes it is taxable income and should be included on the employee's W-2. (more)

In a second investment round, can the managing founder protect his equity in the company if he does not invest?

Depending on the term sheet you signed when you first invested in the company, you may have the right to invest in follow-on rounds without diluting your equity. However, if you choose not to... (more)

Would it be better to put down 20 percent, 33 percent or 50 percent toward the purchase of an existing business?

While leverage can maximize your returns, it can also increase your risk. While putting down less money to buy a business will free up capital to acquire other companies, that strategy may backfire... (more)

How do you increase perceived value of a company that wants to attract potential investors?

This was an interesting question, so I answered it on my blog on the site. It starts with the following ... I' (more)

Can applying for social security hurt a 63-year-old small-business owner?

Applying for Social Security before the mandated retirement age and/or while still working part-time can adversely affect the amount of the benefits to which your father is entitled.  If he's 63... (more)

How do I find an executive instead of an angel for a financing and working partnership?

Finding an angel who's also a roll-up-your-sleeves executive may not be as hard as you think. There are plenty of entrepreneurs who just sold their businesses who are itching to get back into the... (more)
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