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Do I Need an Auctioneer License to Run an Online Auction?

I'm glad you specified your state, because different states have different licensing requirements when it comes to certain business activities. The Michigan Economic Development Corp. has (more)

How Do You Know When to Quit Your Job to Launch Your Business?

Ask yourself the following questions:  • Do you have cashflow from your business that you're currently working on? And you are working on it part time, right? • Are you able to make at least... (more)

How Can I Attract Wealthy Clients?

Advertising is not the answer you're looking for, referrals are. It's time to develop a referral strategy that will lower your customer acquisition cost while bringing in the type of customer you... (more)

What's the Best Way to Spread the Word About a New Product?

The value of public relations is in the credibility it can create as a result of a third-party, such as a TV, newspaper or other media story, says your product or service has value. You'll need to... (more)

Would Studying Politics Help Me in Business?

The answer to your question totally depends on what kind of business your father owns. If it's a law firm, lobby firm, public-relations company or advocacy group, it's probably not a bad idea to... (more)

What's the Best Course of Study for Would-Be Restauranteurs?

The best education you can get for working in restaurants is actually going to work at a restaurant. Restaurants and bars can be entrepreneurial traps. Many people believe that they're industry... (more)

How Can I Find a Manufacturer for a Product?

Your first goal should be to seek information, not necessarily find your final manufacturing partner. An abundance of online resources can help you get this process started. Some sites that can... (more)

How Can I Avoid the Hard Sell from Franchisors?

You seem concerned that when you call the franchisor you're going to get a salesperson on the line that is going to ignore your questions and just give you their... (more)

Do I Need a License to Run a Chat Site?

How you make your profit is not the real issue. In some states, opening an online business is as simple as finding a location (your bedroom counts) and filing a business name (also called a DBA,... (more)

I Have an Idea for a Change to Facebook. How Can I Protect My Idea?

Generally, ideas cannot be protected. While confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements can take you some of the way, they are not always airtight. Also, depending on how such an agreement is... (more)

What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Your LLC to Be a Member of Another LLC?

Having one entity own part of another has, as you noted, its pros and cons. On the plus side, you get an extra layer of liability protection. In addition, there may be tax advantages to having this... (more)

How Do I Produce a Prototype While Protecting My Idea?

Depending on the nature of your idea, you don't necessarily have to build a prototype in order to obtain a patent on your invention. In some situations, for example, in demonstrating your... (more)

What's the Best Way to Add Limited Partners for a Bar?

This is not an area where you should go it alone. In short, you are selling securities, broadly defined as a form of "ownership investment." Securities are highly regulated, both at the... (more)

Do You Need a Business Plan Before Starting a Company?

Technically, no. There is no law or authority that says you have to have a business plan before you starting. But most people do because it's smart to know what you're doing before you... (more)

How Should I Evaluate a Franchise Opportunity?

Especially in today's tough market, you need to pay attention to the dollars side of the business. Start up financing is virtually nonexistent, so you'll need to define a "reasonable"... (more)

Which Franchises Are Hot Right Now?

I was on Fox News recently and got quite a laugh when I said that I spelled sexy, "M. O. N. E. Y." That may have been what you meant, and I hope so. If by sexy you meant what is the... (more)

How Can I Improve Lunch Sales?

 Here are a few tactics you may wish to consider: 1. If you don't already have one, create a small lunch menu. A Thai restaurant in my town did this, and, even though it is s semiformal,... (more)

How Can an Ordinary Person Get a Grant to Buy or Start a Business?

I think grants are mostly myth, where we see somebody pitching about "free government money" and what he really means is "buy my product." There are grants offered by... (more)

How Do You Know When It's Time to Quit?

No one can tell you whether it's time to quit based on your email alone. From what you say here, staying with the business could be the worst possible decision, and leaving it could be the worst... (more)

How Can I Find Investors When I'm Just Starting Out?

The answer is yes. Every year, tens of thousands of startups find investors to invest in their companies. To interest investors, startups need to be the kind of startup that makes for a good... (more)
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