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What nondisclosure forms can protect my business plans when pitching investors?

Your question is a tough one because most serious professional investors won't steal your idea, but they won't sign nondisclosure forms, either. But it still is a problem sometimes, and... (more)

How Do I Buy Benefits for Just One Employee?

Different states may have different options, but major carriers usually won't write a policy for an enterprise with fewer than five full-time, eligible employees. Here are two alternatives to... (more)

Should I Start a Business Despite Heavy Personal Debt?

The answer to your question really depends on your specific situation and how much research and preparation you have already done to determine the viability of the venture. If you simply just have... (more)

How Do I Find Partners or Investors for My Business?

You may want to explore the viability of partnering with an angel investor or an investment group such as a venture-capital firm. These types of investors can offer industry expertise and a strong... (more)

how to get government grants to start small construction company

Congratulations on the construction company and your timing. America appears to be slowly crawling out of the recession and new construction is coming back to life. Many entrepreneurs are... (more)

What type of business insurance do I need?

Regardless of your form of business entity, having business insurance provides another important level of protection. There are various kinds of business insurance that you will want to consider.... (more)

Is applying for an LLC the first step to starting a business?

Interesting question, but I would say the first step to launching a business is somewhere between having the initial idea and earning the first actual dollar in your new venture. The official... (more)

What is it really like to be an entrepreneur?

It’s the greatest job in the world. In all seriousness, I think great entrepreneurship is one of the best and most creative endeavors one can engage in, because you not only get the full fruits... (more)

What's the fastest way to build useful contacts from scratch?

First, how many old contacts do you already know that can help you in your venture? It's always easier to go back and rebuild old contacts then it is to build new relationships. However, if you... (more)

Am I required to withhold taxes from my three employees?

Withholding taxes may seem like a nuisance but if you have "employees" then you are responsible by law to withhold several federal, state, social security, medicare and possibly local... (more)

What do I need to know if I want to open a non-profit business?

Wow, I certainly can appreciate the want and desire to do something so valuable for your community, and the idea of a non-profit venture. The best way to see the viability of this type of... (more)

How do I get funds to grow my existing business?

I'm glad to hear that you are considering different options to grow your existing business. Obtaining financing can be difficult but it is achievable if you put together the right plan. Below,... (more)

When selling a minority stake, can the total value of a business, including assets, be included in the asking price?

This is definitely a very important question and one that involves a significant amount of research as you want to recognize the full value of your portion of the property. Before reaching a... (more)

Should my second business be separate or a division of my current S Corp?

You will need to ask your accountant or financial person the best way to organize that, but in terms of marketing, you have two choices: to use it as an "added-value" service to your... (more)

How do I tell my boss that he's not motivating his sales staff?

We have all experienced conflicts that ended with disaster. However, conflicts can also end on a truly positive note. In fact, the act of clearing the air can create commitment and trust. Typically... (more)

Is the initial non-compete clause still valid if I was rehired by a company?

Depending on the position you held in 2002, the likelihood is that if you had to go to court to litigate the non-compete, it would not be upheld. First, courts are loathe to enforce... (more)

How should I handle my partner who is suing me for his share of our dissolved business?

This is a tough dilemma and a great example of why you really need to be very selective when choosing a business partner. First off, make sure that going forward you keep detailed records of... (more)

How do I write a business proposal?

Every business needs a business plan, but the key to your question is determining what you want to do with it after it is done. If you really want to "shop it around' to investors, you need a... (more)

Do employee incentive programs really increase productivity?

In my opinion, the one thing that will increase productivity is having each member of your team perceive that they are valued. Feeling valued is the key to employee loyalty. I would avoid anything... (more)

As the owner of an S corp, what's the best way for me to pay myself?

This is a good question since the topic of S corporation compensation can be easily misunderstood. The amount you pay yourself in the form of compensation (i.e. wages) is very important. If you... (more)
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