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How Can I Set My Business Apart From the Competition?

In many ways the elements that go into differentiating a bakery are the same as any other business. While it may seem obvious, most businesses are not even doing a good job at the three basics. If... (more)

How Can I Market an Unknown Product?

One of the great things about the Internet is that it has leveled the playing field. Today a startup, small business or one-man band can become a player in its field through the use of smart online... (more)

What's the Best Way to Acquire New Sales Leads?

There are a number of ways that businesses can get new sales leads. Some do it through advertising, some through internet marketing, some by getting data from information aggregators such as... (more)

How Can I Market My Online Business?

Building "likes" on a fan page takes a bit of strategy with targeted advertising through Facebook pay-per-click. The nice thing about Facebook's advertising platform is that you can get... (more)

How Do I Market a Product in a Foreign Country?

The best marketing channels for your business will depend on the type of product you are selling. Without knowing the type of product you have, you need to consider whether you are manufacturing... (more)

How Can I Market to Decision-Makers?

First, ask yourself: Who are the biggest targets that I want to reach first? Who has the best reputation that will help me tell the rest of the marketplace, "I have earned XYZ, Inc.'s business... (more)

How Do I Launch a Promotional Product?

Most of the outlets you've mentioned do have media agencies that represent them. You can try doing a search or reach out to industry publications to find out who the "go to" agency is.... (more)

How Do I Build an Inside Sales Team?

Building an inside team that the field team will appreciate has its challenges. The biggest thing to consider will be the relationship between the two teams. Will it be complimentary or... (more)

What Are the Best Ways to Advertise a Niche Product?

What kind of marketing support is the manufacturer giving you? Do you have any sales sheets? Do they do any social media or other forms of advertising? Next big question: What's your... (more)

How Do I Get Companies to Advertise on My Website?

The simple answer is by doing your homework and persevering. First, you have to know two things: What demographic markets comprise your 2,000 to 4,000 site visitors and what kinds of services they... (more)

How Do I Get Boutique Owners to Sell My Retail Product?

I would suggest a strategic mixture of all of the above. Start by sending the owners on your target list some information about your company, such as your mission statement and any materials... (more)

How Can I Reach Clients Online?

Instead of utilizing a website, you need to utilize a web presence, which consists of carefully planned placements of content about your business on other highly-trafficked websites. Here’s the... (more)

How do I attract buying customers to my website?

The first thing to do is to set a goal and in order to do that, you must have a baseline. In other words, to figure out where you're headed you need to know where you are. How long do visitors... (more)

How do I approach store owners about carrying my product?

What you really need to do is test and measure a number of different ways of getting to your potential customers. For you, I would say it's as simple as creating baskets for your target (from a... (more)

How can I get media coverage for my company?

The media loves something unique, so the more unique your pitch, the greater the chance you'll get coverage. Another good tactic -- especially around the holiday season -- is tying in with a... (more)

How can I network with like-minded entrepreneurs?

Networking is all about relationships. Networking with like minded-entrepreneurs (whether face to face or online) begins with understanding the VCP Process. Any successful relationship, whether... (more)

What should be included in a presentation to the board of directors?

When looking at a board presentation you should consider a couple of things before even starting your outline. You can find a whole bunch of sample scenarios online of outlines for meetings and can... (more)

Can I put flyers on vehicles in a public parking lot?

As to advertising by putting flyers on people's vehicles, you'll need the landlord's permission for that if the parking lot is considered private property. Also, getting involved in any... (more)

What's the best way to get my products into stores?

One of the best ways is to simply offer samples of your products to targeted retailers in your area, as they will typically give you shelf space based on some kind of consignment arrangement.... (more)

How can I find a business partner that's as passionate as I am?

Finding a person passionate about sales is easy. Finding one that will buy into your vision will take some searching. You won't likely find this person through networking groups or an ad in the... (more)
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