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How do we convert trial clients into full-paying members?

There are a number of ways to do this, keep in mind this just happens to be my take on it. 1. Get on the phone and start getting more details of who got the trial memberships. More data makes it... (more)

What's the best way to advertise in a saturated market?

What is your specialty? Do you offer any discounts? Do you have promotions? Do you give free samples? Are you getting the point yet? You have to distinguish yourself from your competition. It's... (more)

What's the best way to sell ad space for the first issue of a niche magazine?

I have two friends here in Las Vegas that are doing the same thing right now--they run a local nightlife scene magazine. What they told me they did in the beginning is get on the phone and start... (more)

What's the best corporate structure when seeking funding from VCs?

Actually, when we launched our business we asked ourselves the same question. Simply stated, C Corporations are the best option for any entrepreneur seeking funding from angel investors or venture... (more)

What are some creative advertising ideas on a small budget?

I got some thoughts on this one. Before I begin to throw out ideas, I'm going to challenge you to start taking the time to do activities that will help you get your own creative juices flowing.... (more)

How should I announce that I'm changing my website from pay-per-download to a completely free model?

There seem to be two audiences that you're trying to reach: * Those that value the content. * Those that might want to advertise. Since you talk about "giving back" it isn't clear... (more)

How can I rebrand my 5-year-old company?

That does sound like a challenge! It sounds to me that, as a niche, specialized, service industry company that this may be less of a threat to you than it first seems. Your "brand"... (more)

How should I search for prospective businesses for affiliate marketing?

As I understand your question, you want to act as an affiliate and are looking for businesses that have programs you can tap into. (Conversely, you may mean that you are looking for affiliate... (more)

How should I bring in more clientele?

First off LOVE your concept! Convenience is a definite attention getter! Not to mention the service is probably needed in certain situations. A couple of thoughts come to mind on this one:... (more)

How can small businesses successfully use Twitter?

Twitter is new, growing, and attracting lots of attention, so it's natural that everyone is looking for the "right" way to use Twitter. Are people being successful? Yes, but it all... (more)

How can I find new members for our campground?

Membership-based campground? Nice--I love to go camping. I didn't realize there are now membership sites too. To answer your question, you need to consider a couple things: 1. Who is your... (more)

How do I get my product in retail stores and online?

We have a two part question. First, you wish to get your designs into retail stores, so, you are now a wholesaler as much as you are a jeweler. How do you intend to distribute your jewelry?... (more)

How do I attract businesses to purchase banner ads on my site?

Great question--lots of sites show ads, and (presumably) make money from it . How do you get started? You should think of the advertiser as your customer, and your website as your product. You... (more)

What's the best way to expand my business?

There are a few suggestions I can make on this but let's look at it from a logical progression. First, you said this is a recession proof industry that is mandated by many companies. Solution... (more)

How many social network profiles should I have?

This is actually an excellent question and one that, as a social media expert, I get all the time. The first point is this: you need flexible structure. You sound like a smart business person... (more)

What is the cost effective way to market a home-based business?

Lucky for you, there are scads of cost-efficient ways to market your home-tutoring business! Here are just a few: * Real face-to-face Networking. Check out your local or regional Chamber of... (more)

What is the best way to find resellers for our product?

Well, it would be helpful to know exactly what you are selling, that way I could determine whether you are contacting the right kinds of business partners...In absence of that, I'll share my two... (more)

How do I sell online ad space to customers in other states?

With the internet you can easily get scads of business leads by Googling for them. I'd also suggest finding out the names of the Chambers of Commerce in the areas you want to be doing business in.... (more)

Who's the best contact person when trying to sell business to business?

Since you don't qualify exactly how large the business might be, the easy answer here is -- it depends. Each company has their own internal structure and systems, so in one firm the right contact... (more)

How can I market a financial e-newsletter?

Try Tweeting on Twitter and building rapport through other social networking sites, like LinkedIn, YouTube and facebook. Social Networking is also a great way to boost your rankings organically if... (more)
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