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Should I go door-to-door to other businesses to promote my business?

If you approach your door-to-door visits as an introductory call, with the intent of asking to schedule a convenient time for a brief phone call or face-to-face meeting at a later date, you may be... (more)

How can I compare franchise advertising fees?

There are a number of good sources that publish comparative data on fees and other matters to assist you in making easy and fast comparisons of this type of data. My personal favorite is the... (more)

How do I market to college students?

I know that a month is a long time when you're trying to get your site and business off the ground, but don't get impatient. Remember that college students are also writing exams, looking for... (more)

How can I market our e-commerce site on a limited budget?

Is there anyone that really thinks that their business is growing fast enough? How do I grow faster is probably the most common marketing question that I hear (and ask). In many online markets,... (more)

Is now the time to add or cut advertising?

Before I get started, let's make it clear that both of those efforts -- coupons and major media advertising -- are both ways to develop business through marketing. I'm going to defer to a... (more)

What kind of response rate should I expect for cable TV advertising?

From the day the first ad ran you should have already have been asking "How did you hear about us?" and tracking how many saw you on cable. From there, you can start to realize what... (more)

How can I expand my online art gallery into more areas?

Congratulations on the decision to expand your business! There are several ways to go about this, but by far the best way to do it is to find local art websites and send an email to the... (more)

How do you market to marketers?

First of all, I believe the way you worded your question is a little flawed. You seem to be assuming that marketing and sales succeed based on a book of "tricks." This may be true for... (more)

During this economy, where should I invest my money to attract new customers?

At a time when consumers are emphasizing needs over wants, it may be difficult to convince them to spend money on gourmet coffee and tea. Just look at what's going on at Starbucks, for example.... (more)

How do I get more customers?

You have asked a question that indicates you are ready to move to the next level. Your signs are advertising. Now you are ready to move into marketing, which is establishing a relationship with... (more)

How do you determine volume discounts?

The best bet is to set your wholesale price based on your cost to produce the product in volume, the standard or typical wholesale price of your nearest competitors, and what your retailer is... (more)

What is the best way to begin email marketing?

Congratulations on getting a jump on your marketing! The first thing you want to do is to get permission. You mentioned that you have a database of email addresses, but you don't mention whether... (more)

How do I determine how much to charge for advertising on my website?

Do some competitive analysis and see what sites like yours charge on their sites. If you know people in media buying agencies, they might be helpful but in general advertisers pay for audiences in... (more)

How should I market my product to get it into stores and boutiques?

A combination of advertising, guerrilla marketing, social networking, online marketing and public relations would be a great way to generate buzz, build awareness and gain visibility for your... (more)

How can I market a social networking site with a limited budget?

Congratulations on the upcoming launch of your social network. The most effective way to do this is to come from behind your own social networking site and engage in social networking yourself.... (more)

What percentage of my net or gross profit should I put toward advertising?

That's a tough question; there are no hard and fast rules here. It depends on a lot of things including who you are targeting--businesses or consumers, the competitive environment, whether it is a... (more)

How can I use MySpace to affiliate?

Congrats on starting to work with affiliate programs. If marketed right, affiliate marketing can be very rewarding and lucrative. MySpace offers a host of stock layouts and there are websites... (more)

We have a small business selling windows, awnings, etc. What is a fair percentage of the gross sales to pay a sales manager?

In terms of a sales manager, think in terms of basing something on margins and not necessarily overall sales, because as a manager he will (or should) be responsible for maintaining healthy... (more)

What incentive/rewards program and or company should I use which can be tracked online? This would be to award sales performance and also recruiting.

Congratulations for wanting to reward your employees! Staff can make or break a company so it's important to always consider their treatment and contentment level. I recently wrote a blog post... (more)

In these tough economic times, what are some inexpensive and creative ways to market and expand your business?

If you have a tight budget, focus your energies on building repeat business from current clients. You can do this by offering preferential rates to designers who consistently place orders or make... (more)
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