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How should I market to high-end consumers?

Since you mentioned "high-end" three times in three sentences, I get the feeling that your handmade confections are expensive and you are trying to establish exclusivity around your... (more)

I need to raise my employees' communications/presentation skills for a project dealing with the medical profession. What steps can I take to make them sound more professional on the phone?

First assess if your team is able to handle this. Successful phone solicitations, especially with senior-level business or medical professionals, require top-notch professional behavior and a... (more)

How much traffic do I need to start selling direct advertisements?

New sites sell ads all the time, so I'd recommend putting together a bunch of options and special introductory rates. Then get the word out about your site so you can improve your site traffic... (more)

Can you give me some clear strategies for selling my educational workshops to skeptical Swedish music high schools?

One of the best tips I can give anyone about selling, whether it’s a music workshop business or a widget, is to put yourself into this process from your client’s perspective. There are two... (more)

Where can I find free samples of proven sales letters of introduction to my services?

There are a lot of great sales information books out there, but if you want to find something fast (without getting in your car to go to the library or waiting for a book to ship) just Google the... (more)

What is the best way to generate leads for my cash-back shopping portal?

This is a tough one for me to answer James, because I’m one of those folks who are turned off by MLM! I go for it when I am supporting a non-profit (like a publically funded radio station or... (more)

Are there ways to generate extra revenue beyond our everyday hotel business?

One way to add a new profit center is by offering additional services guests may require, such as pet sitting and walking for very small dogs or babysitting services. You could develop a list... (more)

How can I get boutiques to carry our leather goods?

What concerns me is the reason 90 percent of boutiques won't talk with you. Why is that? Price, availability, style, your sales skills? I can't tell you how to overcome an objection I don't know... (more)

How does a sole proprietor make money selling a talking head educational video to schools?

You're on to something when it comes to sponsorship. As soon as your book comes out, make a list of companies that want to reach your student audience and pitch them on having their logos and... (more)

With the economic downturn how do I find new business as a mortgage associate?

Yes, consumers are nervous, and with the downturn in home sales as well, you need to rethink how you reach consumers. It's never been more important to get positive word of mouth and direct... (more)

I am beginning a home-cleaning business. Another woman who cleaned in our small town was killed in a car crash four days ago. Is it OK to advertise to her clients? And if so, how long should I wait?

Let "tasteful" be your watchword as you proceed cautiously to reach out to your deceased competitor's clients.�Wait until after the funeral has taken place, to give everyone... (more)

How could I boost my lunch time sales in my restaurant? I

There are so many elements that would impact my answer, I hardly know where to start. It all depends on your location, the type of food you serve, the price category, local competition, the... (more)

What's the fastest ways to get clients for my training business?

To book attendees for your training events, you should get a list of area estheticians from an association or compile your own list by using the phone book and making calls to get the names.... (more)

How can I get consumers who are looking for custom jewelry to my website?

After looking at your site, I'd say the answer is obvious. Frankly, if you want sales you need to win them with photos, great copy, beautiful merchandise, lots of company details, ordering... (more)

How should I do marketing to receive more replies from potential customers?

Absolutely! As far as thrifty sales vehicles, you should be marketing to your prospects via regular e-mail as well as using other forms of online portals, including your website and e-newsletter... (more)

I have a wholesale costume jewelry company with limited funds. Should I hire a salesperson and, if so, should that person be full-time of part-time?

The challenge with hiring a salesperson, as you've probably figured out, is that it creates a larger gap in your cash flow, because you have to pay your person upfront, along with paying for your... (more)

I feel overwhelmed by the number of networking contacts I have to keep up with.

This is actually a good problem to have, because you can leverage this in a number of ways. First, you should start a newsletter or an online blog, keeping everyone up-to-date on what is going on... (more)

How do I accept advertisments for my new magazine if I don't have all the supporting software?

You need to figure out a common ad submission format for your advertisers. Because you are launching a print publication, you'll need ads that are saved at a high resolution. So you might ask... (more)

Is television a good marketing tool for a Christian T-shirt business?

It looks like you're considering using direct-response television adverting. The keys are to find the right cable programming, price your product to sell, have a product people want and can't... (more)

I would like to reach medium- to small-size business owners (preferably physical businesses) to advise on how to save money. Where and how are the best places to place an ad or just to reach them?

What types of merchants? Where are they based? These are the kinds of questions you must answer in order to begin to purchase media.  Small and medium-size businesses make up most of the... (more)
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