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How do we find new businesses that need packaging and fulfillment?

The fact that you are looking for "new" businesses makes this a bit challenging. Direct mail seems your best bet.  On a local level, you can obtain lists of businesses that have just... (more)

How would I market a video that explains the collision-repair process?

There are a few steps you can take to market your video to businesses that can use them with their customers. First, identify your best prospects. Who would most likely need and be willing to... (more)

Do I need to ask Ganz if I want to use the Webkinz name in the ads for a product I want to sell?

Depending on how you use "Webkinz," using the (trademarked) name of another's products to sell your own could be deemed to trade off of its reputation and goodwill to attract customers to... (more)

How can I advertise my website for eco-crafters cost-effectively nationwide?

Since you're already advertising both online and off, I suggest you look into advertising and promotion through key associations.  You'll need to do some research to see which ones have... (more)

My cleaning business is slowing down because of the falling economy. What can I do to market to more people and get new clients?

Are you doing all you can to get referrals from current residential customers? Offer an incentive, such as a free cleaning or a percentage off, to all customers who send you their friends and... (more)

How do I take advantage of people waiting for a parade in front of my store?

How lucky you are to have this terrific added exposure. You should put some displays in the doorway with fun items for parade goers. Make them impulse buys--inexpensive, of course--and as customers... (more)

How can I advertise my metal fabrication business in Mexico for exports to the U.S.?

The best way to test the market would be to start with direct mail to lists of business decision-makers in California and neighboring states. Start with a clear target audience in mind--from the... (more)

How do I reach restaurants to let them know they can advertise their job openings free on my new website?

You'll need a combination of marketing and sales to let your target audience know about your website and to get them to use it.  On the marketing side, direct mail that reaches the right... (more)

What's the difference between a value proposition and an elevator speech?

The value proposition is what benefits you offer your customers at what relative price. The elevator speech is a very short verbal description of your company. An elevator speech might include the... (more)

How can I market and grow my 8-year-old IT business?

You can't market your company without the right tools any more than you can make a computer run without the right software.  Don't hesitate to use the services of a good IT copywriter. Then let... (more)

I have a small recruiting and staffing business. How do I get big companies to do business with me?

Get bigger. Not to sound too flippant, but you have to earn the reputation to do business with the equivalent of an Apple or a Microsoft. It's like a ladder you have to climb one step at a... (more)

How do I target more relevant traffic to my website (online store)?

This scenario sounds so familiar. The short answer is--if you're not getting the results you're seeking after doing everything you mentioned, something's wrong. Perhaps the SEO is not on track,... (more)

How do I become a supplier for a big retailer such as Wal-Mart, Target, Sears, etc.?

There are several ways for you to do business with large national brands. One is to connect with another organization/wholesaler that sells to the large chains. Call the corporate headquarters of... (more)

How do I creatively advertise my mystery shopping service to businesses?

The creative key is to find the chief benefit your clients gain by hiring you and contrast that with what other companies without your services are losing.  For example, if you help retailers... (more)

I have a coffee shop on the third floor of a business building, with very limited visibility. How can I increase my foot traffic?!

You say you've tried fliers, discounts and coupons, but you don't say who received them. You need to get in front of all the employees in offices on other floors of your building and in adjacent... (more)

What's the BEST use of my advertising budget as a retail auto dealer?

There's no pat answer since your budget and the tactics you choose will depend on the geographic market and the cost of media there, the target audience you need to reach, the number of competitors... (more)

How do we tell our existing clients that we are renaming our company without confusing or alienating them?

Rather than take an entirely new name, which can cause confusion and disenfranchise people who were loyal to the old "brand," you can update your name by turning it into an acronynm. ... (more)

How do I determine the target area for distributing my fliers?

Your media tactics concern me. In the case of a dating service, you need to be more focused on reaching the RIGHT people than reaching the MOST people. If you send or deliver 15,000 fliers to... (more)

We are relocating our business. How can we maintain our current clients and draw new customers?

Fortunately, five miles is not a long distance. With gas prices continuing to climb, consumers are consolidating their shopping trips and visiting several stores per trip to save money.  If your... (more)

How do we cost-effectively market a home-exterior product to custom-home builders?

For a national campaign, you should use a combination of online marketing and direct mail along with sales calls. Design a terrific website and invest in a pay-per-click campaign on the major... (more)
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