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How do I create a distinct brand for my coffee shop awash in the sea of other coffee shops?

You can create a distinct brand for your coffee shop through a combination of unique (or themed) decor, menu design and wait staff attire. Choose a look or theme that will give customers a... (more)

How do I attract more business to my bakery?

First, take a critical look at your website and compare it to your competitors' sites. Is it a wow or a ho-hum? Next, take a look at your stats: Are folks landing on your homepage and then clicking... (more)

How can I do a better job of marketing my law firm?

This is a great question. There are a lot of folks in your situation, who are bound by certain state and industry regulations about marketing. Let's start with what you already mentioned. While... (more)

How do you create a nationwide contest to attract brand visibility?

You need to compile A LOT of ammunition to help you lock in any kind of corporate sponsorship. Depending on the companies you are seeking to engage, that might simply mean putting together some... (more)

Where do we turn for creative ways to grow our business to the next level?

What an exciting business you are in! Happily, there is SO much you can do to boost your business. First is to reach out to several of your celebrities. I'd suggest coming up with several... (more)

How do I get companies to advertise on my website?

What are you selling on your auto-related website? Was it professionally designed  and copywritten? Do you have any professional marketing materials made up that support your visitor traffic... (more)

How do I go about advertising a new product on the market?

First you have to define your geographic sales footprint. Once you know that, you can research various buyers within that region. You did not mention whether you are able to sell B-to-B or B-to-C... (more)

How do I know how much to charge potential advertisers for a banner on my website?

Congrats on your new business; information can be big business if done right. Since I don't have a clue as to what info you're selling or whether you will be serving a niche market or a broad range... (more)

What is the best way to sell software to businesses in a niche industry?

This a great question, as there are many businesses faced with the same dilemma. When you are losing sales, it's important to look at everything, including: your operations, the entire sales... (more)

Do radio and TV offer sponsorship of events or a free media package?

You'll need to launch a media campaign to win coverage for your event. Begin with a well-crafted press release that underscores the reason for the event and names the dignitaries who will appear.... (more)

How do I attract more customers to my bakery?

With the general availability of quality baked goods, it may be difficult to persuade new customers to try ordering from you online.  I suggest you immediately establish a strong reason your... (more)

I want to use classified advertising to sell my product. How do I choose the appropriate publication?

The most important step in choosing the right publications is to figure out where your best prospects look for information on what you sell.  A good prospect is someone who has an identified... (more)

What are some new ways to market a custom-home builder in this slow market?

Great question! Thanks for taking the time to post it. While it's difficult to give you strategic recommendations without more information about what you've already done to market your firm, here's... (more)

How do we find a leasing company for a product we want to offer to our dealers on a lease-to-own basis?

First, a couple questions back to you … Is price really a barrier? Sometimes it isn’t. Whats the value of the product? Will it help sales? Decrease repair time? Leverage profits? I ask because... (more)

What percentage should an independent representative be paid for selling a product that would retail for $20?

Those rep commissions go all over the map. We've seen contracts as low as 2 percent and as high as 25 percent. You get what you can negotiate. It depends on various factors: how hard the... (more)

How can a dental office attract new patients?

Your dental office can advertise to attract new patients in many of the same ways other small businesses target consumer prospects.  Here are a few ideas: You can use local magazines,... (more)

What kind of discount should you give a distributor who buys your line of apparel?

You may want to give him an initial "trial" offer, but remember--every time you discount, you take money off your bottom line. Is there a way to add value to the transaction, giving the... (more)

Should we raise our prices or maintain our existing prices in this economy?

You’ve seen firsthand the harsh effect that discounting has on your bottom line. The way around that is to raise prices and justify it by delivering more value than your competition--whether it... (more)

How many times do you need to place an ad in the newspaper before you get noticed?

That's a tough one to answer. Since not everyone sees every page of every issue of the paper, it takes numerous insertions to gain enough frequency with a specific target audience for a message to... (more)

I just started a customer service consulting firm. What's the best way to get customers?

To launch your business, use a combination of sales and marketing.  For business-to-business sales, contact prospects on an individual basis first by following this sequence: Call, mail (or e-mail,... (more)
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