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How do I determine a price for my patented billiard product?

I suggest you do a google search for "pricing is magic" and read through the various articles that come up with that.  You can just click here to go straight to (more)

How would you define marketing?

You can certainly look up a dictionary definition that tells you what marketing is.  But I think it's more interesting to define what marketing is not.  It's not a phone call to a prospect or... (more)

How do I go about achieving local news coverage for my company?

PR, PR, PR! For the most part, print editors and TV producers find out about interesting stories and businesses from press releases or pitches. Hire a local marketing firm or PR agency to put... (more)

Can a 501C corporation advertise in public places and newsprint to attract new members?

I'm not an attorney, so I can only offer my perception of what you should be able to do, based on what I see in the nonprofit community at large. And what I see is that area food banks,... (more)

What other ways can I advertise my business on a nonexistent budget?

If you want to run a thriving business, there has to be some kind of investment in getting your tools developed correctly (logo, website, business card, promo piece). Once they are in place, there... (more)

What kind of events would help promote my new business, and how do I find them?

What a fun business! Happily for you, even in a down economy there are scads of folks who love to pamper their pets! First off, you need to develop a logo and a brand, a basic website and two... (more)

How can I jump-start my business in this economy?

Well, first things first. Perhaps it's time to take a long, hard look at how your service is priced, how your company rates performance-wise and what you might need to do to improve things. Next,... (more)

How do I market to wealthy individuals?

Most wealthy people don't see themselves that way. They didn't get wealthy by wasting money--although they aren't necessarily looking for the lowest price on all purchases. The most important... (more)

How can I persuade clients to renew their web hosting subscriptions?

In a highly competitive arena such as yours, you need a strong hook (or offer) to start. Then follow with the benefits you provide, with special emphasis on the benefits that can only be achieved... (more)

Can I buy a kit to guide our company through the corporate identity process?

There are books galore and guides on branding, but the most important element you must work out on your own is your point of differentiation.  What is it that sets your company apart from its... (more)

Should a gift basket service use the print or online version of the Yellow Pages?

There's some new data concerning who uses the online versus print version of the Yellow Pages.  Not surprisingly, the split has more to do with age than anything else, with younger searchers... (more)

How can I find an importer and distributor for products produced overseas to sell in the USA?

Probably the simplest answer is do both. Marketing any new product is both a push (wholesale to retail) and pull (direct to customer) strategy. You will very quickly find which one brings the... (more)

How do I market my company's philanthropic associations?

Cause marketing is not new, but many entrepreneurs do not leverage their support of worthwhile causes. First thing--make sure every piece of promotional material you have (including your website)... (more)

How much of our personal experience should be shared with the customer?

Customers want to know the story of the people behind the products and services they buy. That's so long as it contains or demonstrates a real benefit to them. How will your personal story... (more)

What is the average contact to sales success ratio in direct brochure mailings?

Without having specific information about your products and target markets (the kinds of companies within the delivery industry are you seeking to engage and your geographic footprint--local,... (more)

How do I keep in contact with customers without being annoying?

These are two great questions that plague lots of business owners: How much contact is enough and how do you ask for more business in a way that works? Here are several ways to keep your name... (more)

Is there ever a reason to turn down business?

Great question, and the answer is a big yes! It's definitely important at times to turn away business. And, to put it bluntly, business is about profit, not revenue. That said, in the middle of... (more)

Do women ever utilize golf as part of business?

Absolutely! I started my career in finance and lots of bankers play golf, so I was very happy that I had learned to play golf in college--it certainly came in handy at times. There are... (more)

Will requiring online customers to register their email address turn away business?

There's a rule of thumb that the longer the form, the less likely people are to fill it out. But in your case, you're asking for the information in order to serve the customers' needs. I suggest... (more)

How do I offer financing to my customers?

Offering credit, or "trade financing" to your customers does not require any special documentation. Most vendors (hardware stores, trade magazines, lawyers, etc.) offer their regular... (more)
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