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How effective of a marketing strategy is it to recruit guinea pig companies to try out my service?

You shouldn't begin to consider starting any business without a a real operational blueprint, and that includes a marketing plan with some kind of budget. A basic marketing budget should include:... (more)

How do you court celebrities with your product?

Well, that's the million dollar question, isn't it? Everyone wants celebrities to wear their products and, better yet, endorse them. You can approach an artist's stylist directly because he or... (more)

How can I use social networking sites to boost my sales?

I'd recommend using various online tools: a blog, email marketing and the social communities to build brand awareness and sales. Whether your firm produces unique designs or not, you can utilize... (more)

How do I develop contacts with national media outlets?

Winning attention from top press may take a bit of time and some finesse. The first step is to carefully tailor your pitch to the needs of each publication and journalist. Nothing is more... (more)

What would it take to start a modest vertical ad network?

The key to starting a vertical ad network is salesmanship. Are you persuasive? You'll have to persuade publishers to give you access to their sites and you'll have to persuade advertisers to pay... (more)

Is there a database of firms who have experience selling online media?

A search engine will be the best database in this circumstance. Your inquiry is specific enough that any firm meeting your criteria should be easily discovered through a combination of carefully... (more)

How is the value of existing inventory determined?

Inventory is generally valued at cost with a discount for the aging of stock. What discount ? It really depends on the industry and the type of stock. For example a clothing store that has... (more)

What's the best way for a small manufacturing company to obtain corporate clients?

Best advice I can give is to start with the smaller retailers and work your way to the biggest ones. That gives you a chance to scale up your production and not get hit with a massive order that... (more)

How do we determine volume discounts?

#1 - Check out the industry standards and research what you can and should offer. #2 - Work on price breaks at approximate sales numbers. Eg, a software provider for SME's, might have price... (more)

How do I raise prices without scaring away my clientele?

Are your current prices on par with those of your competitors? If so, you can't just raise prices on your current service--that is, unless you add value. Upsell current customers by adding a new... (more)

How do I raise prices without scaring away my clientele?

Are your current prices on par with those of your competitors? If so, you can't just raise prices on your current service--that is, unless you add value. Upsell current customers by adding a new... (more)

How do you obtain a sponsorship?

Getting an event sponsored is like selling any other sort of advertising. The prospective sponsor needs to feel that the opportunity you're presenting is the highest and best use of their limited... (more)

How can I advertise my new green advertising firm?

One of the reasons some green marketing campaigns fail is that they don't address the primary benefits to the customer. While it would be wonderful if everyone really cared first and foremost... (more)

How do I court restaurants with my food product?

The best way to court restaurants is one-on-one. If you are in an urban area, where you can visit restaurants that specialize in high-volume lunch-time takeout, I suggest you start slowly and take... (more)

What is the best marketing technique for the kind of rental business I'm starting?

Your success will hinge on catching the students at exactly the right moment--when they know they're going to take the classes but have not yet bought a calculator. Look for ways to distribute... (more)

How much do I charge a client for a marketing plan?

This is a very interesting scenario. It sounds like you did a lot of back end work and did not get paid for it. You do not mention exactly what your credentials are, or exactly what kind of service... (more)

How can I get my product on QVC or HSN?

As you might imagine, LOTS of people want to get their product or service featured on these networks! QVC and HSN are looking to work with people who already have a name brand and a following. If... (more)

How do I accurately measure my customers' experience when most are surveyed out?

If you want to know what people are thinking, ask them directly. I have no info on what kind of business you're in or how you regularly interact with your customers, but you do indicate that you... (more)

How can I remold my business to attract younger generations?

The city you're in, the competition, the area economics, and all the unique characteristics of your restaurant need to be figured into this kind of advice. You might add a younger vibe by either... (more)

What is the most lucrative way to market a new slogan?

A slogan should be developed based on understanding the benefit most desired by the target audience for a particular product or service. So creating a slogan and then trying to find a company to... (more)
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