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In this tough economy, should I add a second retail/service location?

The only reason to consider this is if they get great walk-by traffic. Otherwise, you would be better off to buy the data base from the business and incorporate that into you own operations.... (more)

What certification is required to open a cigar humidor and bar?

You will need special permits for your cigar bar if you plan to serve alcohol. Initial investments can vary depending on the selection and quality of the cigars you plan to offer, other amenities... (more)

Do I need a separate business license in every state that my web consulting business operates?

When you start a business you have a choice: You can form a limited liability entity (such as an LLC or corporation), or you can file a fictitious name statement (also known as a DBA), which simply... (more)

Is it feasible to ship auto parts to from the United States to sell in Dubai?

Yes, it is feasible to do anything. U.S. auto parts are a need in Dubai, and the phones over there also work very well. So get on the phone and do some "mystery shopping" -- pretending to... (more)

What are the top three major concerns small business entrepreneurs have as it relates to growing their business in 2009?

1) Cash flow. 2) Uncertainty about customers. 3) Uncertainty about what outside and political influences in Washington D.C. and Detroit are going to do to make a larger mess for us than they... (more)

Would it be a bad idea for me to open an auto repair shop right right by NTB and Fast Tire?

No, it's a great idea. People who need any kind of car service will be looking in your general area knowing that is where those types of shops are. You might also be able to create cross promotions... (more)

How do I find new suppliers for a distribution business in Arkansas?

There are two ways to do it--find them yourself or have them find you. In the first case, you will need to go to the industry trade sources for lists of names and products. In the second case,... (more)

Where would I begin to start bottling/marketing/selling an amazing salsa?

You can start yourself and test the market. If you can prove you can get sales, the big companies will be interested in your product. You can always go to the "big boys," but you also... (more)

What license/permits do I need to start a salon and beauty supply store?

You will need to see the rules and regulations in your area, as in most states there are specific licensing requirements for your particular type of business. As for product purchases, you'll... (more)

Do I need permission from the city to place benches on sidewalks and in public places for a bench advertising business?

Generally, if you're going to install anything in a public space, you need permission of some sort. Otherwise, you can imagine the clutter that would appear in every park and sidewalk in the city... (more)

Legally, what do I need to do in order to start a clothing company and protect our designs?

If you plan on starting small and incorporating a business that operates primarily within your state, speak with an attorney in your state who can assist you with your state's incorporation... (more)

What is the best area of study for entrepreneurs?

You're probably going to dislike me for this answer, but I really believe that after having completed a degree in finance you should hold off before deciding between JD or MBA or anything else.... (more)

What needs to be in place for a bank to produce a letter of credit on my behalf?

Since individual banks issue their own letters of credit, take a look at the bank's letter of credit form, and you will see what specific documentation they require. Invoices, shipping... (more)

How do I know if my idea for a business is a good one?

There's an important question that you haven't answered: Does anybody involved make money on this? I see the reference to city-owned land and adoption by a local nonprofit. If the business is... (more)

What gives an automotive franchise a low ranking or a high ranking?

We don't comment on specific companies but let's expand your question to reflect on all franchise opportunities because this is a great question in general. There are many published rankings... (more)

How do I find a franchise interested in leasing our building?

This is the 64 dollar question for many landlords! The answer is that your efforts should be layered in multiple approaches based on cost and effectiveness. The least expensive approach is to... (more)

Where would I find someone interested in investing in my business?

Think of it as a reverse phone tree. You're going to start calling people. I'll explain below where you get the names and numbers. First, though, is your information strategy, as follows: For each... (more)

How do I sell an idea for a product?

You can't sell an idea because you don't own the idea. Try this link for a seven-minute web video interview on exactly that question. And (more)

Should I become a partner or a subcontractor in a new business venture?

Should I become a partner or a subcontractor in a new business venture? In reality, this isn't an either/or question. You could always start out as a subcontractor with an option to become a... (more)

How do you distinguish a legitimate networking company from a scam?

There are three main components to this question, and they would be 1. who are the people involved, 2. what is the product and 3. what is the plan? Is the company a member of the Direct... (more)
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