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How would one break the ice with a competitor to start a semi-partnership?

<P>Luke</P> <P>Working with your competitors can be a great way to grow your business and your approach is really dependent upon whether you are going to be bringing them... (more)

Is the cost of opening a franchise business the same as opening your own retail store?

The cost of opening a franchise may vary from the cost of opening an independent retail store and it might be more or less.  The bad news is that you're going to have to pay fees in a... (more)

Should my spouse and I start a franchise business in order to fund our retirement?

Great question!  The answer is it depends - on your tolerance for risk, your income needs from the business, and most importantly your life plans for your retirement years.  You mentioned a cruise... (more)

What questions should I ask a franchisee before I go into business with him?

When you visit with existing franchisees as part of your investigation and research process, there are a host of questions you should ask in addition to "how much money can I make".  Training,... (more)

How do I evaluate a franchise's chances of financial success?

This is the 64 dollar question for all prospective franchisees but you have a huge advantage since you're looking at the purchase of an existing franchise unit with an established track... (more)

What are the major hurdles one must overcome when starting a franchise?

The most significant hurdle in starting a franchise business that you want to be successful is selecting an opportunity that matches up well with the resources you bring to the table and... (more)

What should I pay to own an existing fast food frachise?

When buying an existing business, it is typical to pay a multiple of the cash flow being produced by the business as the purchase price.  You can refer to a number of articles I've written... (more)

How do I draft a letter to a potenial franchise requesting a license or a contract?

Assuming you've completed all your research on the opportunity (refer to the expert articles at if unfamiliar with what this means), you should already have a good working... (more)

What should I do before signing a franchise contract without spending too much for a lawyer's fee consultation?

Before consulting with an attorney, first find out if the franchisor is willing to negotiate the contract.  If they are not, which is fairly typical with the good ones, then tell the attorney... (more)

What is the growth of tutorial services in education industry?

Not being a business consultant, I would urge you to do extensive research before purchasing any franchise or buying a business. That said, my personal experience with the tutorial services... (more)

Any advice on starting a cupcake business?

I think your initial thoughts are great. A farmers market is always a good way to see if people like your product and a great way to learn your costs, how much time is involved and of course how... (more)

What is a good work at home program?

Absolutely it is. Network marketing is a really great way for people to get into business for themselves and start the learning and building process. Remember that networking is where the... (more)
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