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Do I Need a Permit to Have a Sample Sale?

What you're selling is not necessarily the operative question -- it's how you're selling it. If you plan to hold a yard or garage or sample sale, many cities and towns do require that you obtain... (more)

Does a Home-Based Business Need a License?

Whenever you work from home, there are a number of legal considerations you will want to explore. The first is whether or not you are "zoned" to work from home. If you own or rent an... (more)

Should I Open a Lawn Care Business?

Actually, any economic downturn is a great time to think about starting a business, because everything is less expensive and customers are looking for better deals and new suppliers. However, if... (more)

What makes a good, marketing-friendly biz name?

As for ideas for your new business name, I can offer a couple of tips that should help you out a bit on what to think about when choosing your business name. First you should check out Pandecta... (more)

How can I justify two job changes within one year?

You have two problems, essentially. The first is getting a gatekeeper to bother to give you the chance to explain. That is, it might appear on your resume or application form that you are a job... (more)

How do I buy books from publishers to re-sell?

You simply buy at wholesale and sell at retail, and in the book business, wholesale is typically 40 to 70 percent off of retail. All publishers have a volume system, however, and if you start to... (more)

Can I make and sell mixed CDs from our own music collection?

In a word, no. The music was created by someone else and is governed by their copyright rights. When you purchased your albums, CDs, etc., you don't own the rights to the music. You are given... (more)

Do I need a business license to be a freelance graphic/web designer?

Generally, you need a "license" when you need special permission -- like a license to practice law or medicine. There's usually no special "license" needed for graphic or web... (more)

Is it legal for me to sell homemade purses that resemble designer purses?

Any time you want to manufacture something that "resembles" what someone else has done, you have to tread v-e-r-y carefully. Depending on how close the resemblance, you could be deemed in... (more)

Do I need a tax ID number to sell items on eBay?

Based on your question, I'm not sure if you already have access to wholesale items or if you need to know how to get a tax ID number in order to sell them at a higher price elsewhere. If... (more)

Is it the right time to start an online business with this economy?

Yes, it is the right time to start a business if you have something to sell that people want, or need, and will pay for. Things are tougher right now particularly if your business needs a loan or... (more)

What sort of licensing do I need to start a personal/business concierge and errand service?

I recommend getting a tax ID so you do not have to give out your social security. You can register for free at Check with your local city offices to see what licensing they require as well... (more)

Do I need a business license to operate a garage sale if it is profitable and a significant source of income?

Each locality differs in its approach to garage sales. Some require a permit or license; others do not, as long as you stay within the maximum number permitted each year. It would be worth... (more)

How do I pay taxes when I work from home?

As a general rule, the IRS considers all income earned to be taxable (unless it falls under some kind of exception). Businesses generally need to pay estimated taxes quarterly, so you and your... (more)

Do we have to have a license if we're doing photography as a home business?

You need to be clear: is this a hobby or a business? And if it's a business, do you have people coming to your home for portrait photos and the like? If you plan to treat this as a business, you... (more)

Is it legal to live and run a business out of a rental house that is zoned residential?

Each county has its own procedures for how to get a zoning "variance" -- that is, to carve out an exception to how an area or property is meant to be zoned. Just getting signatures... (more)

Can a spouse assist in business operations without being considered an employee?

You have a bigger issue than whether your spouse is considered an employee -- it's whether she's considered a business partner. By giving her the authority to make purchasing decisions on behalf of... (more)

We run a small business selling framed artwork. How do we provide samples to a retailer?

Look at the cost of the samples as a cost of sales--and compare it to the potential sale. Is it $5,000 or $10,000? Then ask yourself if it's worth the cost of those samples to get that kind of... (more)

How do I market my craft to a high-income audience?

Start working immediately to get your Santas featured in the holiday issues of major upscale magazines.  You'll need to make contact with the publications, send photos of your Santas, and provide... (more)

How do I market my craft to a high-income audience?

Start working immediately to get your Santas featured in the holiday issues of major upscale magazines.  You'll need to make contact with the publications, send photos of your Santas, and provide... (more)
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