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How can I tactfully tell my 80-year-old boss that it might be time for him to retire?

Based on the situation you are describing I'm assuming that your boss owns the company and that this is a privately held company with only a minimal number of employees. If I am correct, you are... (more)

What are the best tools to help make the hiring process more efficient?

Congrats on getting to the point in your business where you'd like to hire someone--and a double congrats for trying to make the process expedient yet thorough. I did some digging and spoke... (more)

When terminating an employee, can I tell them the company will not fight unemployment filing?

Yes. In fact, I often recommend this course of action to my clients when they are firing someone for poor performance or for some other reason such as not being quite as capable in the role as... (more)

How do I attract top performers to my company?

I do entire seminars on how to effectively recruit and build a great team. It is not a one-sentence or one-paragraph subject. But here are the basic steps involved: Step 1: Start by really... (more)

Is it legal to fill a newly created position without posting it publicly?

There are only three scenarios that would require you to post or publicly advertise a job opening: 1. If you are a governmental agency required to publicly advertise job openings. 2. If you... (more)

How should I tell a qualified applicant that we can't hire him after a background check?

If the person was convicted of a sex offense, you can tell him the truth. After all, he knows that he was convicted and is a registered sex offender. You have a right to let them know that for... (more)

What are my obligations to an employee who I'm converting from full-time to part-time?

The best way to do this is to simply be prepared for the meeting and then to be straightforward but in a kindly fashion. Being prepared means having the reason for the cutback clearly defined... (more)

What's the best way to handle an insubordinate employee?

This employee is acting out an emotional reaction with behavior that is inappropriate for the workplace. He is attempting to transmit a strong non-verbal message. Unfortunately, you are unable... (more)

What's the best way to fire one of my employees?

Not knowing in what state your company does business, I cannot unequivocally tell you precisely whether you can simply terminate "for any reason or no reason" as is the case in Florida... (more)

What are my options if my employee was dishonest about being physical fit for his job?

If you have more than 15 employees, you are subject to the Americans with Disabilities Act and Amendment Act. These laws require you to offer reasonable accommodation to someone who is disabled.... (more)

What does "The waiting period is 30 days for all insurance plans" refer to?

In most cases, the actual verbiage turns out to be that the insurance for which you choose to enroll starts the first day of the month after your first 30 days of employment. However, it does not... (more)

Should I offer our younger, healthier employees a higher salary since they don't utilize their healthcare benefits too much?

Group health insurance premiums are calculated for each company on the basis of the demographics of the workforce and eligible dependents (age, location, etc.) and the history of claims made by... (more)

Can not smoking be a condition for employment?

Yes, it can. In fact, many companies now are refusing to hire anyone who smokes. The reasons vary but, regardless, it is legal to not hire smokers. (more)

Can I cover a subcontractor on my company's workers comp insurance?

Most well-prepared contracts/agreements made by companies with contract workers include a requirement that the contractor carry sufficient insurance to cover him/herself and all of their... (more)

What should I know about terminating an employee due to medical problems?

Legally, as your company is so small, you are not obligated to adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act (15 or more employees). So, you do not have to provide reasonable accommodation for this... (more)

Is it legal to fire one employee but not another for the same breech of company policy?

What you describe is legal in an employment-at-will state, but not advisable. That is, the employer may terminate employees for any reason or for no reason in an employment-at-will state and most... (more)

What should I do if I paid for an employee's eduction course and he quit soon after?

You cannot deduct the cost for the continuing education course from the employee's final paycheck unless your employee manual specifies that you do so routinely in such circumstances. Your... (more)

How do you know it's the right time to hire your first employee?

Having started businesses of my own, I really understand how you feel. From my perspective, you and your husband need to do some strategic planning to set ambitious but realistic goals of what... (more)

How can I motivate my employees?

In my opinion, the greatest motivator is a feeling of being valued. When an employee believes that she is valued by her employer, the employee values the employer in return. Additionally, you... (more)

Can I confront an employee about interviewing for another job?

I cannot see any benefit you would derive from confronting this employee. What the employee did was not illegal or immoral. S/he is just doing what s/he believes is in his/her best interest.... (more)
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