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How do you handle an employee who posted a potentially threatening comment on a social media site?

Here is my advice: Put a policy into effect on all of these types of issues and FAST. - Personal Use of Cell Phones - Computers, and PDAs At Work - Video or Audio Recording Devices - Use... (more)

Is HR allowed to ask me what was discussed during an unpaid break?

From a conflict management perspective I can tell you that this situation is loaded with potential conflict. Asking an employee about any private conversation puts up a bunch of red flags.... (more)

Are employees required to clock-out when going to doctors' appointments?

Workers compensation laws vary by state, so I cannot answer your question definitively. Though, most states have a website from which you can obtain information on what your state's workers... (more)

If an employee quits unexpectedly, can he be denied unemployment benefits?

Nothing definitive can be said such as whether something is possible or not when a state agency is involved in administering a program. Without knowing more facts, it does appear that this... (more)

Is a sick employee eligible for unemployment while he gets treatment?

The quick answer is no. I am assuming that this person was given all of his accrued/unused paid time off work prior to leaving your workforce, as that would have been the right thing to do.... (more)

Should I reimburse my employees who deny their company-provided health benefits?

There really is no normal (or customary and usual) practice for these matters. Legally, you are not required to do anything. In fact, some companies actually require that employees who have... (more)

Is it a good idea to start an Employee of the Month program?

With a team full of unmotivated employees now is not your best time to start an Employee of the Month program. First, you need to figure out what is going on in your factory. I suggest you... (more)

Is a faux hawk hairstyle appropriate for a professional workplace?

It depends. Who is your target customer/client? Who is your most common customer? What is the dress code? A faux hawk hairstyle can easily be brushed back at work so that the employee would... (more)

How can I monitor my employees' time on social networking sites and personal phone calls?

There are one of two real issues here: 1. Is the employee accomplishing sufficient amounts or high enough quality in his work efforts? If not, deal with this situation on that level as a... (more)

Can an employee be let go after returning from a workers' compensation claim?

Not knowing in what state you do business, I cannot respond as knowledgeably as I would be able to do otherwise. Workers compensation laws are different in each state. You should not return the... (more)

Can entrepreneurs band together to reduce health insurance costs?

Some trade organizations may offer such an option for members. Originally, when Professional Employer Organizations (employee leasing) became fashionable, the advantages of PEOs--for smaller... (more)

Can an HR director ask me if I "need" the money when discussing a raise?

Compensation should be based on the market value of the work being done--value to the enterprise provided. Quantifiable factors such as education, experience, amount and type of supervision... (more)

Can your employer request to know where you are on off days?

Whether nonexempt employees must be paid for their on-call time depends on whether they are "waiting to be engaged" or are "engaged to wait" as defined by the U.S. Department of... (more)

Can my manager try to get me to quit?

To answer your actual question, yes your manager can try to get you to quit. He knows that if you quit, you will have difficulty collecting unemployment benefits whereas if he fires you, you... (more)

Can I be forced to babysit the bosses kids as a condition of my employment?

Wow. Talk about a no-win situation. There is no easy answer for your dilemma. Is this a privately held company? Does your boss have a boss? How much do you want to keep your job? You know the... (more)

Should my employer compensate me for denying their health-care benefits?

Your company has no obligation whatsoever to compensate you for using your wife's health insurance plan. Most spouses who are both eligible for medical insurance through their employers... (more)

What should I do when a threat has been made against me by HR?

Document, document, document. Keep detailed records of everything that happens and be sure to include dates and times. For now, you may make more waves by passing on a rumor. Then again, your... (more)

Can an employee be forced to take sick time?

Based on the fact that the company consists of first responders, I believe that this policy is legitimate. That is, it was not designed to save the organization money or otherwise take advantage of... (more)

How much maternity leave am I required to give my employees?

I will answer your question in the hopes that you live in one of the majority of states in the U.S. Back in the 1970s the law changed and required employers to treat pregnancy the same as any other... (more)

Can an employer request that married employees waive their healthcare coverage?

The answer to this question is yes, they can do this. And no, they don't have to pay the employee anything extra for having waived coverage. This is a fairly new practice--devised by insurance... (more)
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