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Can my job description be changed without notice?

Your employer has the right to make this change. Organizations evolve. While the company may have needed a UPS clerk and/or a UPS clerk II at one time, your manager has determined that the work is... (more)

Can an employer pay two employees with the same job differently?

In a word, yes. Your employer can determine that the starting rate for a job will be lower going forward--that is for people new in the job versus those who have been doing it for a while.... (more)

Can an employer choose to deny exempt employees' holiday pay?

In a word, yes. That is, holidays, like other paid time off work is a gift from employers. If the employer determines that s/he cannot afford this gift or that the employee(s) does not deserve this... (more)

Can my company force me to take two weeks unpaid vacation?

In a word, yes. Your employer is not breaking any laws. Your employer has the right to furlough you for two weeks without pay during an established break, especially as s/he is doing the same... (more)

Can I ask for a copy of the background check that apparently lost me a job?

Something else may have happened between the offer being made contingent on a satisfactory background check information and now; but you do have rights concerning the background check if your... (more)

Are there guidelines for paying an employee 30-60 days after termination?

I am assuming that you are referring to a sales professional who began a transaction and was terminated before the transaction was completed. Most companies have their own guidelines for such... (more)

Do I have to give every employee the same work hours?

Yes. You can customize work schedules to suit your specific situations--if you want to do that and it does not negatively impact the productivity of the operations at hand. What you have to... (more)

Can I ask my employees to take a temporary hourly pay cut in lieu of furloughs?

When you say "hourly pay cut," I have to assume that all of your employees are non-exempt. So, the answer is that unless you have contracts in place promising to pay an explicit hourly... (more)

How do I calculate a pay increase for an exceptional employee?

Not knowing more about your business or situation, this is a tad tricky. That is, calculating appropriate pay increases for a large organization is done using standard compensation tools such as... (more)

Can we offer paid insurance benefits to only exempt salaried employees?

Most insurance carriers do not want to only offer health insurance, for example, to the higher-level employees for some good business reasons. For one thing, it spreads the risk across fewer... (more)

Should I individually meet with employees who are having issues?

I believe that the best practice is to first meet separately with each employee. As part of those separate meetings you should ask each employee if he or she is willing to have a joint meeting... (more)

Is it required for companies of a certain size to have an HR person?

No, there are no requirements for any company to have a qualified human resource professional on staff or even to use the expertise of an outside employment expert such as me. Many companies... (more)

Do I have to give my exempt employee holiday pay?

Lt’s define what a company-observed holiday is: Company-observed holidays are "gifts" from the company and no one is entitled to pay for these days except as specified in your employee... (more)

How do I avoid laying off any more of my employees?

This is a tough situation, as it appears that you are trying to do a good thing by getting through the downturn and keeping everyone employed to the degree you can. Not knowing in what state... (more)

Should complaints about an employee be discussed before it goes into the employee's file?

I cannot offer legal advice, however, I can address the question from the perspective of conflict analysis and conflict management. I am curious as to what your HR manager has to say about the... (more)

How do I handle a child who has separate primary and secondary insurance companies?

I am assuming that you are the "secondary mom," as only that person would have genuine interest in having the child's claims paid. Submit the claim information directly to the dad's... (more)

Can I ask a new employee's previous employer the reason of separation?

Oh, yes, you may certainly ask -- but don’t expect an answer. I estimate that 95 percent of all employers will only provide you with the dates of employment and title of past employees; and then... (more)

If you lay-off someone who is on disability do you have to lay-off everyone on disability?

Normally, when a company reduces its workforce, job elimination decisions are based on what work (the nature of the work) and how much work (the amount of work) that will be needed in order to... (more)

How can I keep good talent when business is low?

You are right on track. People are your most valuable resource. 1. Tell each employee how much you value him/her. 2. The catering business, like many other businesses that provide... (more)

How soon can we hire a new employee to replace one that we laid off?

I'm not sure if you are saying that you plan on replacing the laid off workers with other people or not. If that is what you are saying, the question I have for you is why would you replace... (more)
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