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Are there laws to help a self-employed woman take maternity leave?

In short, there are no laws to "help" a self-employed woman take maternity leave -- if you're self-employed, you can do what you like. You just don't get paid. Under the federal... (more)

Should I tell my employer about my part-time business?

In this economy, it's wise to have five income streams. However, juggling the political and legal aspects of these income streams is no easy task. Needless to say, the juggling can also create a... (more)

Can I ask health-related questions during an interview?

The right way to address this issue is to have identified ahead of time specifically what the physical requirements for each job are. Then, show the physical requirements to the individual you are... (more)

How can I motivate my employees?

Remember the old proverb "A fish rots from its head." Motivate your employees with your own motivation. If you are positive, committed, hard-working and focused -- your employees will... (more)

Can I pay an employee a monthly medical reimbursement?

What you are essentially asking is, "May I pay my employees more money?" And, of course, the answer is, "Yes, you can." If you are going to pay full-time employees who have... (more)

Can I withhold a final check from an employee who quit with no notice?

No you may not legally do this. Federal law requires you to pay every employee for all hours worked. Regarding state employment laws, even if you do not live in an employment-at-will state, no law... (more)

Can I require my employees to pay back training costs if they leave before a specified timeframe?

You can require repayment if you include that language in your offer of employment letter, which the person signs indicating understanding and concurrence. Or for employees already on board,... (more)

How do I choose the best health insurance provider for a company of 50 employees?

The best thing to do is ask other human resource professionals for referrals to insurance brokers who have served their companies well. Do you belong to a local chapter of the Society for Human... (more)

Can HR give out information about an employee's insurance coverage to another employee?

Emphatically, NO. Regardless of what kind of health insurance information it may be, it is personal and highly confidential. In some cases, you might also be violating HIPAA (Health Insurance... (more)

Is an employer required to give full-time employees paid time off?

The federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires employers to pay non-exempt (hourly) employees for all time worked and includes overtime requirements for hours worked over 40 in a workweek. It... (more)

Do I have to pay an employee who quit without notice?

Ah, the perils of doing business with friends. Both of you could have some problems here. You're calling this person an employee, but I'll bet a dollar to a doughnut that you didn't withhold the... (more)

How can I improve my interview skills with HR?

There are a lot of people right now in a similar situation--and more will be facing it in the coming months. First off, there are plenty of books, resources, tapes and materials out there for... (more)

In a week where a holiday falls on a Thursday, and that Friday is not available for work, should overtime be paid for hours worked over 32, since that was all that was available to work that week?

In responding to your question, I am assuming that your company is not unionized and that you have no contract in effect with your workforce that requires you to do more than follow prevailing... (more)

I pay my employees for the holiday, but do I have to pay them for the day after the holiday if we are closed?

My guess is that you do not have a legal obligation. However, Penny Morey, our Human Resources Consultant, and/or Nina Kaufman, our Business Attorney, can give you the facts about your legal... (more)

As a salaried employee, am I obligated to start working weekends and holidays with no comp time?

Your employer and you are using the word "salaried" as meaning the same as "exempt," under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Many employers (and employees) do not... (more)

Can I ask for details regarding an employee's note from a doctor?

Are you capable of understanding medical terms to use a more detailed doctor's note for anything substantive. or will you will only create accusations of unfair treatment when you ask one employee... (more)

By law, is an employee whose position was altered due to an injury required to be returned to his original position when he recovers?

Worker's compensation laws vary by state. Without knowing in which state your company operates, I cannot answer your question with absolute certainty. However, I can say that in most states, if he... (more)

We're software developers. We've just hired a contractor at a generous hourly rate. He wants paid lunches.

I agree with your take on this request 100 percent, and I have personally used dozens of highly skilled technical contractors over the years, worked with a wide variety of contactors and even... (more)

Do you have the right to ask a manager to give you a reason for calling you in to have a private meeting?

You can always ask why; but the real question I think is whether management is required to respond to your query in order to require your cooperation. And unless you are covered under a union... (more)

Am I legally bound to give employees an annual review?

First, we should clarify your terms. I think you are using the term "annual review" to mean salary increase--versus an evaluation of an individual's job performance. While you must at... (more)
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