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What are the options for paying part-time employees when there is no set schedule/hours week to week?

There is no maximum limit on how much you pay using a "spot pay" system, but you do have to be sure you are not shortchanging the employee for hours actually worked.  That is, if the... (more)

What interview tips could you offer for a customer service position where heavy interaction with the customer is required?

Face-to-face interviewing is the most time-consuming aspect of hiring. So using a process that results in face-to-face interviewing of only the few "best of the best" applicants makes... (more)

Can my manager ask to see the hotel bill for my vacation?

As long as you are following the company’s policy in how and when you put in for vacation pay, what you do on vacation is your own business.  You cou (more)

How do I find independent contractors for my real estate investing business?

Advertise for those positions … and just be clear and upfront about what type of professionals you are looking for and how they can work with you. Especially on the marketing side, you may need... (more)

I am paying for my employees' short-term disability and accident plans. Would it be an advantage to have it pre-taxed?

I would visit with your insurance agent. Normally if it's being taken as a tax-deductible expense, there is potential that any benefits paid would be taxable to the employee. The key is... (more)

How do I pay employees who worked on a paid holiday? We are paying all employees whether they worked or not.

I am assuming that you do not have an employee manual (published policies) and are not unionized. From the Department of Labor website, “The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) does (more)

What criteria should I use for employee recognition?

Developing safety and work ethics incentive programs is a great idea. The first step is to establish the specific goals you wish to achieve so you can determine what behaviors should be rewarded.... (more)

How do I know when to hire?

Many companies simply hire when there is more work to do than the current staff can get done. You are wise to think that there is more to it than that. Your chief financial officer should work with... (more)

Can I pick and choose which employees I offer health insurance to?

It's not illegal to offer health benefits to just the top echelon of your company, but it may be difficult to find a broker/carrier who wants your business. That is, with fewer than 10 employees to... (more)

How do I evaluate a PEO?

This can be very challenging! Hence, this very long response: Originally, when Professional Employer Organizations (employee leasing) became fashionable, the advantages of PEOs--for smaller... (more)

What are the benefits and trade-offs of having 1099 employees versus W2 employees?

Technically speaking, anyone to whom you are sending a 1099 is not an “employee”; she or he is a “contractor” and calling him/her a “1099 employee” is slippery slope when regarding the view of the... (more)

Can I give a personality test during the hiring process?

There has been a lot of misinformation published regarding the legality of using personality assessments. Unfortunately, many of those articles were written by attorneys who did not differentiate... (more)

Should I give days off in exchange for weekend business travel?

If your employees are exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act, this is a judgment call on your part. I say if because salaried does not necessarily mean that they are exempt employees under the... (more)

Do I still have to pay an employee through their 2 weeks notice?

I always recommend checking your own company's employee manual first. If it says that you do pay in lieu of notice, then you should do so; (although it sounds to me like you want to then take... (more)

Do you legally have to advertise an open position in your company?

It is a good management practice to post job openings internally to give employees a chance to apply, find out more about the job, discover what they may need to do to be best qualified in the... (more)

Is it legal to ask an employee about their health history?

I have to assume that you feel you have a legitimate reason for asking an employee to share his health history with you, but generally speaking, an employee’s health history is private and personal... (more)

Is it legal to take pictures of the people who interview for a job at your company?

While video resumes and photos on resumes are becoming more in vogue at this time, photos are not a good idea in general because people could infer that you make your hiring decisions based on how... (more)

How can we enhance our maternity leave program beyond our legal obligations?

Hello, While some states have more demanding requirements, in a nutshell, the legal obligations are to treat maternity the same as any other illness and to abide by the FMLA and any... (more)

Can you suggest an efficient payroll company that includes web portal access?

Hello, I recommend Tri-Core to my clients and everyone who has given it a try is very happy. Tri-Core can provide the online payroll input, portals for your employees (self-service), and... (more)

How can I hire more employees and retain them with a seasonal business?

For people who own businesses that require employees for specific periods of time, it is a good idea to develop a list of local sources of the kind of talent needed. If you need techs, for... (more)
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