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Will Getting an MBA or Professional License Benefit Me As an Entrepreneur?

While there are many different ways to prepare yourself to become an entrepreneur, I recommend focusing on opportunities that help you develop key qualities. Most entrepreneurs share these traits:... (more)

How Do I Move a Product Idea Forward?

One of the most difficult parts of starting a new business is successfully executing on the idea. Fortunately, you seem to have already figured out the product piece with your prototype and... (more)

Without Knowing Much About Technology, How Can I Launch an Online Service Platform?

The most successful entrepreneurs are typically cognizant of their strengths and weaknesses. Your question indicates that technology isn't one of your strengths – and that's ok. Some... (more)

Should I Create One or Two Websites for My Business?

People often come to me for branding and marketing advice already having created two, three or even sometimes four websites. In most cases -- as in yours – building more than one website is a... (more)

What Legal Issues Should I Consider Before Starting a Social Network?

Like any other business endeavor, a social network brings up a variety of legal issues. Here are just a few that you'll need to consider: Social networks can take a great deal of capital to... (more)

How Should We Divide Equity Among Co-Founders?

There are many different ways to approach equity compensation for the founding team. There is not necessarily a one-size fits all answer to this question. However, I have some specific... (more)

What Are the Rewards of Entrepreneurship?

This is an interesting question and one that should be asked well prior to ever diving into the world of entrepreneurship. Far too often, this is a question an entrepreneur asks when already... (more)

How Can I Start a Business With No Experience?

The success of a business rarely has to do with the novelty of an idea. Rather, it more has to do with whether or not the management team is able to execute on the strategy and goals. Luck and... (more)

How Do I Start an Online Business?

Before you determine a budget and choose a technology solution for your online business, there are four important questions to answer. Once you are confident in your answers to these four... (more)

How Can I Add E-Commerce to My Business?

Selling online can take several forms, so it's important to consider whether you want to build an entire e-commerce store or just complement your in-store sales with e-commerce. Here are three... (more)

How Do I Open a Bar?

First, you should consider the market for another bar in your area. Is there really a market for one, and if there is, how will yours be different that the competition? Do they offer food to their... (more)

Should I Finish School Before Starting a Business?

The middle-aged person you're going to be in a couple decades will miss the education you're getting now if you don't in fact get it. It's usually not a smart idea to sell yourself short by not... (more)

Can I Use Another Business's Name?

As they say: "There is nothing new under the sun." So, it should come as no surprise that different people will want to choose the same business name. Generally, as long as no one... (more)

How Much Will It Cost to Launch an E-Commerce Site?

E-commerce website pricing varies widely depending on the level of sophistication you want to have, and e-commerce success often depends on many technology solutions are working together. So, your... (more)

Should I Bring a Mentor into the Business?

This is sort of like asking whether you should marry the person you're dating. That said, if you do a deal like this you better be sure this person is somebody you can live with day in and day out... (more)

How Can I Use Social Media to Market My Business?

There a few ways you can do this: 1. Create a fan page. Since you are a business-to-consumer company, you can reach out directly to the kinds of people who like what you are offering. Use the... (more)

How Do I Have a Prototype Built?

You'd probably need to get the prototype built before you go to a manufacturer, unless you have a previous relationship with a company who is willing to work with you. There a lot of... (more)

How Do I Protect My Personal Assets?

There are two important steps you can take to protect your personal assets when starting a company. First, make sure you are operating as a corporation or a limited liability company. A local... (more)

Should I License My Product Idea for Royalty Fees?

If this is the type of arrangement you choose to make, you'll need to do a lot of due diligence. It's best to talk to people who have actually done this to get an idea of the "ins and... (more)

What's the Best Plan for Paying Back Investors?

What you're suggesting here sounds much more like a loan than an investment. Think of an investment as someone buying a percentage of ownership in your company in exchange for a sum of money that... (more)
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