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How can I bring a U.S.-based retail brand to a foreign country?

Great question. The approach is going to be the most important part. You have to build a relationship while being extremely well-prepared and professional. You would want to show the market... (more)

How can I use my business experience in another venture?

I would go to your local Small Business Development Center or other local entrepreneurial center. Most of them will have books and/or classes that can help you explore different business... (more)

How do I establish a U.S. based business while I'm traveling abroad?

Your main legal hurdles will involve having someone to manage and oversee the business while you're away. You will need to have a proper street address in the United States where the business will... (more)

How do you partner with an existing company to produce and market your idea?

An invention can be patented, but an idea cannot. To learn all the rules and regulations, visit, which is the site for the US Patent and Trademark office. It can be challenging to... (more)

How can a minor obtain a business loan for a start up?

Unfortunately, I am not aware of any bank that would lend money to a minor. The reason, as you rightly pointed out, is that minors are (under the law) deemed to lack a full appreciation of the... (more)

What legal issues arise when trying to start a business under the age of 18?

The most significant and special issues that arise for teens starting businesses is that they are not old enough to take certain legal actions on their own. This includes forming the business... (more)

When would be a good time to look into taking over a family business?

What worries me is that you don't mention that you are actually working in the business as you ask this question. I assume that if you're there, working it, then you are already looking into taking... (more)

Is there an advantage to graduating from a prestigious university?

Not unless you plan to start a major search engine, in which case it probably makes sense to go to Stanford and get a graduate degree in engineering. On the other hand, dropping out of a... (more)

Should I be worried about not having a college degree, even though my business career is going fine now?

Ian, When it's time to get a job your degree is generally vital to show what you can do, what you know and even who you know. Once you get into the game as you are now, it's very rare that any... (more)

How can I test-drive a restaurant business?

Great question with a really simple answer: Get a part-time job in an Indian restaurant or even try several. This is by far the best way to learn what you need to know and get paid to learn it.... (more)

How can I make my recycling business idea profitable?

Hi and thanks for your great question. Here are some things to consider: 1. Money is made by charging businesses to not only take the equipment away, but take it away and dispose of it in an... (more)

What university major would prepare me for entrepreneurship better?

The best major for entrepreneurship is whatever you want to study most. That would be literature or fine arts if that's what you love. Education comes first, then business. Sounds like what you... (more)

Do I need a portfolio of past projects to start marketing my consulting business?

If you have done all the work, but cannot get access to actual samples, don't worry. You can easily get a promotional piece made up that covers everything. With sparkling copy writing, describe... (more)

Is it wise to partner up when opening a restaurant?

Nikki, If you do partner up remember these 4 things: 1. A partnership is like a marriage and you need to understand it has a 50/50 chance of breaking up so you really need to have a very... (more)

Given the economic state and the recession outlook, what advice would you give a first timer business owner?

Hey, great question! There's never a better time to get started planning than now. No matter how healthy the economy is, some businesses will do great and others will fail. Starting any... (more)

How do I acquire the former customers of my parents' failing business without my parents resenting me?

There is no easy answer to this question. Your issue goes beyond business. This is more about disappointment, betrayal and humiliation than it is about dollars and cents--or dollars and sense.... (more)

How do I help my 15 year-old son start a business?

Go slowly. Don't set your son up to fail. I'm wondering what "managing sales" means to you, when your business is selling through the internet. My business makes most of its sales over... (more)

How do the benefits and disadavantages of a sole proprietorship compare to that of incorporation?

Great questions--let's deal with them one at a time. Incorporation V's Sole Proprietorship--Unless a business is very small, there is really no question that you should incorporate. From a... (more)

How do I prepare myself to take over my parents' business?

Really important question. You might be interested in seeing what I wrote recently--before I got your question--on this from the parents' point of view. That is... (more)

At what point should I make the full leap from my day job to my startup?

Wow, you've certainly pinpointed the right question. However, for better or worse, you have to answer it for yourself. There is no magic formula that they teach in business school or pass from... (more)
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