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What should I do if my business name is similar to another business?

It is the job of the Massachusetts Secretary of State (or the Secretary of State of any other state, for that matter), to make sure that the names of new business entities are... (more)

How can I ensure a general contractor pays me?

There are two parts to the answer: what you can do in this particular situation, and what you can do to prevent it from happening in the future. To the first point, the amount outstanding may... (more)

How do I ensure my invention idea is safe with the company I submitted it to?

Congratulations on having someone show interest in your invention idea. However, by doing so without having protected yourself with either a prototype or a confidentiality agreement, you have... (more)

Legally, what do I need to consider for a seasonal business?

The IRS takes the position that all income must be declared on all business activities, no matter how minimal. As with insurance, the issue is not the size of the operation, but the nature of... (more)

What should I do to protect my online advice column?

An important way to protect yourself will be in the form of disclaimers, especially if your advice pertains to any kind of professional matter (medical/health, legal, financial/accounting, etc.).... (more)

What rights does the founder of a non-profit have if he leaves the organization?

A founder of an organization does not, as a matter of law, have a specific right to continue to be recognized as such unless there are specific terms in the certificate of incorporation of the... (more)

Do I need a state and city business license for a web-based company?

According to the City of Las Vegas website (, all businesses located within Las Vegas city limits need to have a proper business license. In... (more)

I got laid off from my full time job, can I collect unemployment if I have income from a small business?

Generally, if you have worked steadily for at least a year and lose your job, you may be eligible for unemployment. However, it should be clear that you lost your job for no grievous fault of your... (more)

How do we setup a royalty agreement with a vendor?

How should you write the consignment agreement? You shouldn't. Find a lawyer who understands these kinds of royalty agreements and let her do it. The reason, as you've no doubt found, is that the... (more)

How do I handle an employee who retaliated for a change in pay practice?

Sometimes it is best to simply allow your attacker to have enough rope to hang himself. You do not want to lower yourself in the professional setting and you do not want to be labeled a whiner.... (more)

Should the board of directors of a non-profit keep detailed executive minutes?

Minutes of the meetings of the board of directors are an important part of good not-for-profit governance. The absence of minutes concerning a significant decision or insufficient minutes can... (more)

Do shareholders need to approve a stock transfer between company directors?

Under most state laws, shareholders have the right to approve (or disapprove) any and all ownership transfers. If the company has multiple classes of stock, the shareholders' agreement may specify... (more)

Do I need business liability insurance or can I have people sign a liability disclaimer?

With few exceptions, there is no requirement in the law that you must have insurance to cover your business activities. On the other hand, for most businesses, you would be foolhardy to go into... (more)

What do I do if my business name is already taken?

You can ask another company to transfer their name to you...but unless you have a carrot (money) or stick (a strong legal basis for a lawsuit) to offer, you won't likely get very far.... (more)

How can I get a company with the same name as mine to halt operations?

Assuming the business that's using your exact name is also based in Ohio, you have a legitimate gripe. One of the important reasons for registering business names is to ensure that the general... (more)

Do I need a PLLC?

While a PLLC can't shield you from malpractice, it can shield you (personally) from other kinds of lawsuits and judgments. For example, if a patient comes into your office, trips over a chair, and... (more)

Are there restrictions on buying movies/video games with the intention of renting them?

Buying a movie or video game with the intention of renting it is most likely a violation of the license agreement that accompanies these products. Whether it's included as a separate sheet (you... (more)

How long does the patent process last?

Patents are their own, strange animal within the intellectual property family. It takes specialized knowledge to write a successful patent application. While there are non-lawyers who are... (more)

When a partner resigns from an LLC, what can that partner do to remove liability from the lease?

Good luck. In this real estate market, landlords will want to keep as many deep pockets as they can find on the lease. The landlord is not obligated to release you from the lease, because your... (more)

Can seasonal self-employed people collect unemployment?

Generally, self-employed people cannot collect unemployment. Unemployment is available to those employees who are fired from their jobs. Seasonal work is akin to project work -- you were only... (more)
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