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How Do Franchise Territories Work?

This one of the most important and contentious topics in the franchise industry over the past 20 years. Many, but not all, franchises grant an "exclusive territory" to their... (more)

How Can I Find an Attorney for My Startup?

Do you have friends in business in your area? Do you respect their judgment in business matters? If you do, who do they use for those services? The best way to find accountants and lawyers... (more)

Where Can I Find a Reputable Wholesaler?

It's important you find a wholesaler who you can work with and trust. There are some steps you can follow to ensure you find one that fits those needs. First, and this may sound obvious,... (more)

How Can I Get an M.B.A. to Help on a Project?

Talk to the faculty first. The institution has to participate to legitimize a work-study situation for some kind of course credit, and then everybody wins. Most business schools love to put... (more)

What Goes into a Nonconfidential Overview of My Business?

Nonconfidential overviews are often used in situations where companies are seeking investment capital, grants, or promoting venture opportunities. It's a way of communicating your business... (more)

What Can I Do When an Investor Freezes Funds?

Luckily for you, this leopard showed his spots early in the game. You may be right -- that your partner has violated certain provisions of your operating agreement. Putting in all the money and... (more)

How Do I Protect Myself from Lawsuits?

Unfortunately, there's no way to prevent someone from suing you. You can be sued, even if you didn't do anything wrong. For example, reasonable minds could differ as to whether you were negligent... (more)

Should I Sell My Franchise?

Many businesses have been struggling in the past few years. Here's the bottom line: 1. It's nearly always hard to sell a business that's not operating successfully, especially in a tough market.... (more)

How Can I Determine if a Franchise Will be a Good Fit for Me?

These are three great questions so let's take them one at a time. First, there are many important steps you'll take when investigating any franchise but the three most important are: 1)... (more)

How Can I Reach Clients Online?

Instead of utilizing a website, you need to utilize a web presence, which consists of carefully planned placements of content about your business on other highly-trafficked websites. Here’s the... (more)

Is it OK to Ask Hourly Workers to Not Work on Holidays?

I am assuming that the reason that you do not want hourly workers putting in time on company-observed holidays when exempt employees are not at work is because the hourly workers would not be... (more)

How Can I Get More Site Traffic?

More traffic and better conversions can come from many different types of marketing initiatives, so here’s a basic summary of the main ingredients that typically go into increasing website traffic... (more)

How Can I Avoid the Pitfalls of Paying Commission?

A business owner can't do much to avoid the pitfalls of paying commissions, apart from capping them or not offering them at all. You sound as if you're considering commission-only positions. In... (more)

How Do I Make a Sales Forecast?

You're not the first to ask this, and you won't be the last. There are lots of free, easy-to-use templates for download online that will list the types of data you (more)

What's the Best Way to Find Quality Leads?

Cold-calling is an art, and it's also a pain. Nevertheless, it's necessary if you have no other way of generating leads. The medical industry is hard to crack because its professionals often... (more)

What's the Secret to Winning Repeat Customers?

To say there is only one really important factor in generating a repeat purchase misses a point. Several factors are involved when it comes to considering whether to bring a product or service to... (more)

What Regulations Do I Need to Consider Before Opening a Restaurant?

Opening a restaurant/bar involves the same issues as starting any other kind of business -- and then some. You need to be concerned with forming a business entity. If you have investors... (more)

How Do I Force Out My Partner?

When it comes to kicking out a business partner, you have three options: Follow the procedure set out in your operating agreement, negotiate a different deal altogether, or go to court. If you... (more)

How Do I Find a Web Designer with SEO Expertise?

Website creative design, SEO and programming can involve very different skills and personalities. If you need more than one type of service, make sure you look for companies that either specialize... (more)

Is Bluetooth Marketing Effective?

Bluetooth marketing is part of a larger sphere of marketing known as location-based marketing or proximity marketing. The idea behind proximity marketing is that the proximity of a prospect or... (more)
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