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How to Build a Great Team While Keeping Costs Low

Definitely consider using freelancers to keep costs low. One of the great but unsung revolutions caused by the internet is the speed of organizing killer teams. Putting together teams of... (more)

Do I Need to Go to Business School?

Congratulations, you have some fun coming, whether or not you choose a formal program. Business schools can expose you to a curriculum you might not seek out on your own, and force you to learn... (more)

Must-take Steps Before Launching Your Restaurant

What a great aspiration! Offering sustainably farmed and healthy food options to your community is a great business goal in itself, and illustrates social awareness and care for the well-being of... (more)

Is It Better to Be a Freelancer or Full-time Employee?

Contractors usually fill a temporary need for specific talent or skills needed for a short amount of time -- for a specific project, for example. They are supposed to be very temporary, have their... (more)

Why Not Every Retailer Should Go Online Only

While I’m generally an advocate of moving brick and mortar businesses and services online, there are certain industries that can’t yet consider an online-only model. The jewelry... (more)

3 Ways to Grow Your Business While Covering Existing Expenses

You’re facing a common problem for businesses that need to invest in capital equipment to grow. You know your business will grow if you purchase additional equipment to meet demand, but you... (more)

Learn to Love Public Speaking

You’re correct that public speaking can be a fantastic way to grow your business, gain awareness for your ideas and refine your messaging. However, at the beginning of your public speaking... (more)

Growing Your Business When You Can't Trademark Your Name

As mom used to say, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” If you want to use your brand name as a domain name for a website – but someone else already owns that... (more)

Ready to Drop Your Recruiter? Not So Fast.

To begin with, it's important to realize the vast value that the recruiting agencies are giving your business: clients. The key question is what percentage of your sales does the agency cost... (more)

How Can I Find a CEO for My Startup?

I’m impressed by your ability to recognize that you aren’t the right person to lead the company. There aren't many entrepreneurs out there that can say they would be able to give up... (more)

Should I Quit Engineering and Study Business?

Not knowing how far along you are in your four-year program, I am not sure how practical it is to “change horses.” But if you are asking this question, I think that you probably have to... (more)

Should I Hire a Web Development Firm or a Staffer to Build my Mobile App?

Option One: Hiring a web development company There is no shortage of web development companies and pricing structures will vary greatly. Some web development companies may offer an hourly price,... (more)

Is My Landing Page Clearly Written?

Many web start-ups build a product and become so emotionally attached to the inner-workings of their software that they lose sight of the importance of having proper landing page messaging to gain... (more)

Which Point of Sale System Should I Use?

The choice in point of sale systems (POS) can seem nearly as varied as the choice in retail shops. Like any other aspect of starting a business, you'll need to do some basic research to... (more)

How Can I Turn My Hobby Into a Home Business?

Good news! You have a plethora of choices on how you can turn your passion or hobby into a business. Bad news, you have a plethora of choices on how you can turn your passion or hobby into a... (more)

When is It Time to Bring in a Managing Partner?

I think that you have answered your own question about the need to add a management expert to your team. From what you have said, it seems to me you need someone sooner versus later. You are losing... (more)

How Should I Incorporate My Small Business (Sole Proprietor)?

What's amazing to me is that you've gotten this far in the development of your business without incorporating! No question, the larger you grow the greater the risk to your personal assets... (more)

Will Getting an MBA or Professional License Benefit Me As an Entrepreneur?

While there are many different ways to prepare yourself to become an entrepreneur, I recommend focusing on opportunities that help you develop key qualities. Most entrepreneurs share these traits:... (more)

Are Royalty Fees the Norm with Franchises?

Almost all franchises have an ongoing monthly or weekly franchise fee (commonly referred to as a royalty fee). This fee is typically expressed as a percentage of the gross sales revenue of the... (more)

How Do I Move a Product Idea Forward?

One of the most difficult parts of starting a new business is successfully executing on the idea. Fortunately, you seem to have already figured out the product piece with your prototype and... (more)
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