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Should I use my home address or get a P.O. Box for my home based business?

Generally speaking, I always take the safer approach to doing business online. I never make my home address public, just because you never know what could happen down the road. If you don't like... (more)

After finding a wholesale drop shipper, I was wondering whether it would be better to use eBay or my own website to run my home based business.

Use both! EBay is a ready-made pool of potential customers who come to the site with their wallets open. So, if you're just starting out, I would learn the ropes on eBay first. But you can drive... (more)

How do we determine how much money we can take out of our company while we are paying off loans?

You need to understand that you will be taxed on profits. Repayment of loans amounts is not a tax deductible expense - only the interest portion is. You should be working closely with a financial... (more)

What type of business plan do I need for an already well-established business I

You need what I've taken to calling the not so big business plan, meaning not a formal document with all the trimmings, but a plan that you can follow up and t (more)

How do I deal with clients who are concerned with my age and not experience?

There's no way around it, people will always initially judge you by their first impression of you.  So, make that first impression as polished and professional as possible. This will give you the... (more)

How do I sell more of my custom-made jewelry at festivals and art shows?

Make sure your products are priced right for the show attendees. There are many levels of festivals and art shows -- some are juried and others are not, and there are shows that draw affluent... (more)

What is your best advice to a stay at home mom entering today's business environment?

My best advice is to follow the typical business-to-business contacts sequence: call, mail, call.  That means it's best to initiate contact with business prospects by phone, then follow up... (more)

Should I hire a firm to help me market my product to big stores like Borders and Barnes and Noble?

Yes, I suggest you find a rep firm that has established relationships with these and other major retailers.  Not only will they help you get your product into the stores, they can be invaluable... (more)

What is Louisiana's largest technology employer?

I'm not sure who the largest tech employer is, but if you contact their chamber of commerce you'll probably find the answer. (more)

How do I go about charging for concierge and personal assistant services?

The best way to figure out how much to charge for your concierge business is to research your competitors' prices. Once you see how much competing services are charging, you can charge higher... (more)

How do I go about charging for concierge and personal assistant services?

The best way to figure out how much to charge for your concierge business is to research your competitors' prices. Once you see how much competing services are charging, you can charge higher... (more)

How do I estimate my e-business cash flow?

If your website has been around for a while, you probably know how much cash flow it generates on a monthly basis. You probably also know how much money you make per ad (on a CPM or CPC basis) and... (more)

How long should it take for a web consulting company to create your website?

The time it takes to develop a website is totally dependent upon what kinds of things you want your website to do.� A complex site can take a long time but, I visited your site and, from... (more)

Are there any government grants that would help me with the startup costs for a franchise?

It is always a challenge to find a franchise you want to pursue and then realize that you don't have the financial resources necessary to fund the operation, but that's often the reality of... (more)

Is the cost of opening a franchise business the same as opening your own retail store?

The cost of opening a franchise may vary from the cost of opening an independent retail store and it might be more or less.  The bad news is that you're going to have to pay fees in a... (more)

Should my spouse and I start a franchise business in order to fund our retirement?

Great question!  The answer is it depends - on your tolerance for risk, your income needs from the business, and most importantly your life plans for your retirement years.  You mentioned a cruise... (more)

What questions should I ask a franchisee before I go into business with him?

When you visit with existing franchisees as part of your investigation and research process, there are a host of questions you should ask in addition to "how much money can I make".  Training,... (more)

How do I evaluate a franchise's chances of financial success?

This is the 64 dollar question for all prospective franchisees but you have a huge advantage since you're looking at the purchase of an existing franchise unit with an established track... (more)

What are the major hurdles one must overcome when starting a franchise?

The most significant hurdle in starting a franchise business that you want to be successful is selecting an opportunity that matches up well with the resources you bring to the table and... (more)

What should I pay to own an existing fast food frachise?

When buying an existing business, it is typical to pay a multiple of the cash flow being produced by the business as the purchase price.  You can refer to a number of articles I've written... (more)
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