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How do I start my own collections agency?

Simple really. Set up a business, decide what it is you sell, how much you will sell it for, then marketing and sales kick in.  Be sure to register for any licenses you may need in collections. ... (more)

How do I start a business on a low budget?

<P>Probably the same way we all did - by starting small.</P> <P>In business you have two options: Start with what you have.  Most of us start after hours in the garage and with a... (more)

Should I offer different services under different business names, or all under one name?

<P>Simply put, yes - you can easily do it all under the one name.</P> <P>However, one of the keys to success in business is becoming known for something.  With so many services... (more)

Where should I sell my products?

<P>Great to see you want to give it a go.  That's the biggest step.  </P> <P>As for the business, start small, use word of mouth and get the products right.  Finding out which of... (more)

What is the best way to open a payroll company for small businesses?

<P>The best way to open any business is, obviously, with a big order from a big client on day one.</P> <P>Assuming most people will never have this, write a plan, raise the... (more)

I do not know how to bake or cook, but I have an idea for a cafe. It it feasible?

<P>Yes, your idea is definitely feasible.</P> <P>Often I find some of the best business owners are people who had very little experience in that industry before - mainly because... (more)

Do I need a permit to start a home based business?

<P>Good Question.</P> <P>Problem is, the answer is yes and no.  If you are thinking of employing people, then in most states and counties the answer is going to be yes.  If not,... (more)

How can I get a steady flow of clients for my business?

It looks like you would benefit from a more comprehensive ongoing marketing campaign.  Three tactics that I suggest are incorporating direct mail, one-to-one prospecting, and e-mail.Let's start... (more)

What can I do about customers who don't stick around?

It's absolutely critical that you determine why you're losing customers.  Any number of factors made be the cause, from pricing to personality conflicts with staff.  I strongly suggest you phone... (more)

What income taxes do I have to pay from eBay?

You will need to check with your  local state laws for taxes as they relate to what you are doing. But essentially, if you are selling items on eBay, it is a business and any profit generated on... (more)

I have two properties worth $700,000, excellent credit, but no cash to show a lender. How should I proceed from here?

If you take your business plan along with your personal balance sheet to the lender, then you'll be able to discuss options. Traditionally, the lender looks at your net worth (assets less... (more)

Is it ethical to deliberately utilize a set of people to advertise for a business?

I believe customers today are savvy and know an authentic brand when they see it.  Word-of-mouth marketing is a compelling way to build your business and people often go to trusted sources like... (more)

How do I start a market research company?

Market Research is a great business. And, getting started is like any business a matter of first putting together your business plan.  The business plan is more important for the process of... (more)

What is the growth of tutorial services in education industry?

Not being a business consultant, I would urge you to do extensive research before purchasing any franchise or buying a business. That said, my personal experience with the tutorial services... (more)

Is it possible to patent a similar idea that already exists?

To answer your questions simply, yes, as long as you can prove it's different enough. That said, it would be best if you think the idea has a lot of commercial merit to speak directly with a... (more)

How do I get a TM (trademark) for my brand?

Great Question. TM actually stands for Temporary Mark and then when the mark is approved you get to use the R in a circle meaning registered. Trademarking is a relatively simple process, you... (more)

What is the best way to make a business a Corporation or LLC?

Well, without a lot more detail it is impossible to answer this question. The simplest advice I can give is to find a good tax and structure attorney, or even deal with a specialist... (more)

Any advice on starting a cupcake business?

I think your initial thoughts are great. A farmers market is always a good way to see if people like your product and a great way to learn your costs, how much time is involved and of course how... (more)

Does anyone have any knowledge about opening an online ticket broker site?

To make it very basic, you build the site, list the tickets you have for sale, (or can get to onsell) and depending on ow much people want to buy the tickets, you can determine the level or fee or... (more)

How can I get a credit card or loan for my business without using my personal credit history and Social Security Number?

There are a couple of things to consider. One is that most lenders will ask you to use your personal assets as collateral for the business loans as well as the business assets. They want this as a... (more)
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