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If you have started a new small business, how can you start paying yourself to pay your personal bills?

No--do not pay your personal bills out of the business account. Hopefully you have created a business plan. You need to assess what the business can afford to pay you and you should visit with your... (more)

I'd like to sell my purses to local boutiques. How much profit % can I expect to make off each item?

You will need to do some research of the industry to find out what the normal markup is in your area of specialty. This is where it is important for you to have a clear understanding of your costs... (more)

How do I start a credit repair business?

I can't tell you step-by-step how to start a credit repair business, from home or not, because I've never done it and I don't know that business. I can however point you to a lot of very good... (more)

How do I start a title insurance or real estate company from home?

I can't tell you step by step how to start a real estate or title insurance business, from home or not, because I've never done it and I don't know that business. I can however point you to a lot... (more)

I am trying to get federal funds to open a large country convenient store. Where can I get an application for this type of business?

Go to your local bank to get an application for a business loan guaranteed by the federal Small Business Administration (SBA). Call first, because not all banks work with the SBA but most do, and... (more)

How do I write a business plan?

Yes, I can help you. Take a look at the business planning articles on, including my monthly columns and others. Then if you want more take a look at the business planning articles a (more)

What marketing materials do I need for presentations, and what do I need to open the doors?

I highly recommend a special report or article of your expertise. This positions you as an expert and sets you apart from your competition. Make sure that anything you create is related to the... (more)

Are there any grants or special loans to help a woman start a small, non-home based business?

Grants are not nearly as common or as easy as the TV commercials say. They are selling lists of government programs so they want to get you interested enough to buy their lists. There are some... (more)

How do I start a website for my business?

Congratulations on deciding to take your business online! The first thing you need to do is to register your domain name.  This would be . You can do this with a domain... (more)

Do you have any ideas for an online business?

You have to first decide on the type of business you want to start. Then do research about that type of business.� Organizations like the Small Business Administration and SCORE will help... (more)

How do I get spotlighted in a magazine article?

That’s the million-dollar question that I get asked all the time (sometimes clients ask to be spotlighted on TV or in newspapers or in a blog, of course, but it’s the same idea). I wrote a book... (more)

Why is it not reliable to get an equity line of credit (from your own house) to put on your own business? Why is it so risky?

This is an area where you will get many differing opinions. An equity line can be a very viable option in starting a business, just realize that you are putting your home at risk if you default on... (more)

Can I legitimately build a business credit line that is separate from my personal credit? If so, any suggestions ?

As an entrepreneur, your credit will be involved. While you can build credit for the business, it is going to be tied in with you when you essentially "are" the business. As any loans... (more)

Is it a good idea to start an English hotline in a foreign country?

This is why you want to do a business plan, because you want to answer this question for yourself before you get started. Has anybody else done such a hotline business in Austria? Are you aware of... (more)

How do I get recipes that I can feature on my site without having to worry about copyright infringement?

You need to request permission from the recipe creators to reprint their recipes. Most people are amenable to this and will usually have some sort of stipulation that you provide a link back to... (more)

How do I grow a thermoplastic injection mold tooling business in a no-growth domestic manufacturing market?

You sound discouraged with your "no growth domestic manufacturing market." Are you looking for a rationalization to give up? Sometimes giving up is the best thing. If you're considering it, read " (more)

How do I calculate early projections for my business plan?

Good luck to you. Use the resources at this site to help you. Use business plan software to help you, the best of it offers you a tool that helps you organize and (more)

Does corporate gifting really give your company an edge?

Corporate gifting absolutely gives your comapny an edge. When giving a gift, make sure it's appropriate and ethical does two things: 1) the receiver feels that you are thinking of them and... (more)

Can I start a home-based business by writing poetry?

Very interesting question. Creative people use their talents to create income everyday. If you don't believe me watch the Oscars. It's not really a matter of "if" your skills can be... (more)

There is so many work-at-home internet sites for stay-at-home moms out there. How do I know it's not a scam?

We've all seen the cheesy websites: "Invest just $100 and Be a Millionaire in Two Weeks!" or "Make Big Cash Stuffing Envelopes!"  Americans lose billions to fraud every year... (more)
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