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How do I advertise online?

A good place to begin is Google Adwords. You'll find a link to their very good tutorial on the home page at Look just below the blank where we type our search strings and you'll see an... (more)

Where do I find a beauty product manufacturer ?

Sounds like you're starting to experience some growing pains, and that's definitely a good thing. The perfect resource for finding a factory to manufacture your line of beauty products is... (more)

How can I find someone to help me with a baby toy idea I have?

One place to start is your local Small Business Development Center, called the SBDC. There are about 1,000 of these in the US funded by federal, state, and local governments. They generally offer... (more)

How do I sell an idea for a new baby product?

I have bad news for you.   It's extremely unlikely. Do a google source for "value of ideas" and you'll see what I mean. If it's a good idea you should be talking about building a company, of... (more)

Is it possible to make money from a modification to an existing product if it is your idea?

It might be possible but it's extremely unlikely. There is no easy way to legally protect and own an idea. Laws protect inventions with patents and creative works with copyright but not ideas. Can... (more)

Do I need a tax ID number?

The tax ID number depends on a couple of choices you make. If you have employees then you probably need one, if you don't have employees, then you probably don't. The best bet is to check with a... (more)

What type of investor should I approach for a recruitment consultancy business?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it's very hard to generate outside investor interest in a recruitment consultancy business because there's no scalable product. Even if you are successful... (more)

How can I find potential investors based on my patent?

There's so much information out there that I think I can just point you in the right direction and get you started. There are books on this, and websites galore, and lots of different opinions too. (more)

If you develop an LLC for a website that sells products, do you have to be registered with all the states in the US?

This is a question that's best answered by an attorney. It's been my experience that you don't need to set up a corporation or regsiter your business in every state where you receive... (more)

How can I establish an internet or mail-order business?

First, you have to educate yourself on what it takes to start and maintain an Internet/mail order business and, education involves reading. Two good books to read are: "The Complete Idiot's... (more)

How do I get advertisers on my site?

Essentially what you're talking about building is a web community of travelers who are willing to share their experiences. To get advertisers interested in your web site, you'll need to... (more)

What are the best places or methods to sell gel candles?

I think you should try a number of different approaches, to see what works best for your schedule and your expectations of receivables. Try selling home parties, at your Chamber of Commerce Busness... (more)

Can you recommend a book for starting an online company?

Congratulations on your decision to start an online business! There are many great books available on how to start an online company. One of them is "Starting an Online Business for... (more)

What kind of music can increase sales in a bar?

Depends on the clientele. If the bands are playing head-banger music, then the fans expect to hear the same stuff in between sets; so Dolly Parton would not be the right fit! After you've got... (more)

Where do I find clients for a new printing company?

Printing can be a tough business! I'd suggest you try to connect with other established companies in your area, and see if you might be able to get started by handling some of their overflow (... (more)

I have been chosen to expand a health insurance brokerage into two new counties. Where do I need to go to promote this expansion?

Hi! I'd recommend using a range of venues to get the word out about your expansion, in addition to web-based vehicles (which are great!). Train station platform advertising can be a terrifc way to... (more)

How do I narrow my leads?

Depending on how large you want your geographic footprint to be (where you hope to conduct business) can impact on how you structure your next set of actions. If you are seeking to do business... (more)

Should I quit my job and focus full-time on my business venture?

I suggest you plan a break even point unless you have financial backing for your handbag business. Leavng a job, with known income, for the uncertainity of a full time business can be so stressful... (more)

How do I compile a business plan?

I could write you a book, in email, except that I already have and its posted free on the web. You can buy it for $20 at or, but its also at Hurdle: the Book on Business... (more)

Should someone with a part-time home business put a sign in their lawn?

Absolutely. Most sign shops can sell you a real-estate type sign that pushes into the ground and is easily moved. Leave it in your yard awhile, then convince a business on a busy street to let you... (more)
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